Samhain Rituals

Blessings fellow Priestesses and Witches! Samhain (pronounced "sow" - "when") is the cross-quarter Holy Day on The Wheel of the Year, half way between Autumnal Equinox and Solstice that marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year in the Priestess traditions and in many cultures around the globe. It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another as we enter into the dark and stillness where all creation dies and begins anew.

All Hallow's Eve is October 31 and marks the opening of the Samhain portal that extends until the new moon of November 18th this year. This is time to honour those that walked before us on the path of life and give our respect to our ancestors through offerings and deep listening. The medicine during this liminal portal is truly about connecting with the unseen realms and our own unconscious to deeply feel the emotions, beliefs and feelings that lie in the deep watery realms of the soul that we tend to discard.


Instead of casting away sadness, anger and grief, it's an invitation to greet these parts of ourselves with compassion and integrate their wisdom into our lives. We can access clear sight see into the darkness the illusions that may be holding us back, choose what wishes to remain, and what needs to die a sacred death. We have the opportunity to dive into our subconscious and affirm our courage to sink into the Womb of the Mystery. To let go and let the Goddess.


Blessed Be as we dive in deep!

Love Achintya


Lunar Samhain Rituals

Take off the Mask:  Feel into any ways that you may be inauthentic with yourself and any masks that you may be wearing that aren't serving the essence of who you are. Draw or paint these out or write them down and then lay to rest any of the false faces that you may be wearing. In this way, the more you peel away the masks that aren't you, the more you can rise into the truth of who you are, right now, and emerge more fully as your radiant self.

Honour Your Ancestors:  Write down all the things you are grateful for about your lineage. The gifts you have received. The lessons you have learned. Perhaps you may wish to create an altar for your ancestors. In your unique way, create the space to offer gratitude to those that came before you and acknowledge them for the wisdom that now flows through you. They LOVE it if you make something delicious and offer it to them!

Fire Release Ritual:  You may also wish to connect with the parts of your lineage that may be less than joy-filled. If you desire, you can get in touch with the part of you that feels angry, sad, frustrated and confused about what your bloodline or lineage has passed down to you and offer this into the fires of transmutation (by literally building a fire or safely using a candle). You can write these down or say them out loud, or both. Then, move your body and make any desired sounds to finalize the release. When complete, you can offer any authentic words of forgiveness, empathy, and realizations.


Empty The Mind. Feel Into Your Dreams:  Give yourself the gift of moving from your head to your heart. It's an auspicious time to FEEL your dreams. Your goals. Your desires. Scorpio is all about feeling. Bring any visuals or ideas about what you'd like to experience for your life into the visceral experience of your body. In this way, you are sending out messages to the universe to magnify these experiences into your life. Take some time to literally experience how your desires and dreams FEEL in your body. This is truly the magick of creating your life.


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