Welcome Wild Hearted Women,

Welcome to Goddess Rising, a Sacred Sanctuary and Global Sisterhood. 

Reawakening of the Divine Feminine is emerging in us all. Together we gather to reclaim our place in the cosmos and our destiny here on earth. It is time to reclaim the word Goddess. Know that She is You. And You are Her. It is time to play our part. 

Global shift is here. Now. It is happening through us. From the inside out. We are the co-creatresses of our lives and the authors of the future. For our lives and the generations that come after us. What do we want this to look like? Feel like? 

Now is the time of returning to wisdom within. Reconnecting with the Earth. Remembering that we are a part of Nature and that our cyclical rhythms wax and wane, like the Moon herself.  


Now is the time to Restore our sisterhood. We are embracing unity, equality, ourselves and each other. We celebrating our authenticity. The raw, the real, the pretty and the messy. We are sharing sacred ritual, yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, moon mapping, presence, stillness, ancient feminine wisdom and healing arts.

We are healers, lovers, earth stewards, dancers, wild women. We are embracing joy. Our shadows and our light. Body and soul. We are practicing and embodying compassion, forgiveness, receptivity, self-love, empathy, courage, integrity, peace, and wholeness. 

We are rising into greater physical and spiritual health. We are deepening into our own soul. We are connecting with the Great Mystery and with each other; women all around this precious planet who are celebrating and embodying the wild, sacred feminine.

We are rising into our authentic selves. 

And, together we Rise!