~ Gratitude From Our Sisters ~


 Achintya is the real deal–a living, breathing goddess who walks her talk and moves through the world with grace.  Since working with her, I have come to know a depth of compassion, presence in communication, and a journey into dimensions of sisterhood I only dreamed possible.

She mirrors for me the embodied feminine leadership that can and will bring much needed change and heart opening on this planet.  She has become a cherished friend, collaborator, and sister. I would highly recommend her teachings and offerings to any woman who longs to dive deep into her own feminine mysteries while being held in a supportive, nurturing, and inspirational space.

Vanessa Nova, Healer & Meditation Teacher, USA



The Moon Goddess Retreat was Bliss. Since then, I have felt much happier and stable in myself and I've awakened the womanly power deep inside of me.  It's been incredible to connect and share transformation with women from all over the world. I was shown the true gifts of emotions and living in my natural cycles. Before I could only see the disadvantages of certain aspects of the menstrual cycle and tried to push them away. Now I am proud of the qualities which lie within me. My life is much more relaxed and I can definitely say my heart has opened more and I'm not so hard on myself anymore.

 Heidi Heeg, Thai Massage Therapist, Germany


Being in the Moon Goddess Retreat brought me to deeper self-acceptance and self-care. I was nourished in body, mind and soul. I didn't realize how much I craved this support until I received it.  I now feel more inspired and connected and have more enthusiasm for life. I am empowered to listen to myself, to trust my inner voice and take responsibility for my happiness. I am grateful for my time in a circle of amazing women, for Achintya's exquisite leadership, and for all of the possibilities that are opening in me and for all .

Jessica Apoorva Larsen, Massage Therapist, USA



Achintya’s Goddess Rising Event activated a deep, primordial knowing inside of me.  She both eloquently & gracefully laid out a clear & easy road map for me to monthly track my own unique lunar cycle.  This has offered me insight & revealed monthly cyclical trends of my physical & emotional rhythms.  Achintya mystically wove our group into an inspired, unified sisterhood while conducting a sacred, safe space for participants to explore our innate feminine design.  Achintya is pioneering the merge of the ancient goddess ways with a new sacred feminine paradigm consciousness in a very practical, approachable way.  I highly recommend tuning into yourself in the way Achintya’s workshop offers.”

Atma Campbell, Raw Food Artist Chef, USA

Achintya’s intimate insight into the moon’s cycle reflects a deep relationship at the very core of womanhood. A topic often misunderstood, she is incredibly talented in sharing her knowledge and demystifying this magical gift of femininity. Achintya is particularly talented at creating sacred, safe space where all feel welcome and accepted while offering the opportunity to get to know and embrace our own inner Moon Goddess.  

Jenn Meagher, Creatively Cultivating Personal Passions, Canada


Woohooo! Thank you! Thank you! I’m beside myself in gratitude and amazement that I have arrived here, in this place of empowerment and clarity. I’m ready. I’m deeply grateful for you and your guidance and mentoring Achintya. You are beautiful beyond words. This is a long time coming. Love love love you!

Dheva Liebman, Dancer & Caregiver, USA