We are reaching out and connecting with women

& earth conservation around the planet.

Through your participation in Goddess Rising, you help to generate the empowerment of women around the globe and assist in active conservation of our Mama Earth.

Take a peak at these videos and see how you are making a difference.

Empowering Women, a branch of Embracing The World, has set up self-help groups for more than 100,000 women in India and nearby Andaman islands, implementing a variety of vocational trainings, insurance and micro-credit loans to start businesses and become self-sufficient. 


"Women already hold everything they need to shine forth in society. She is complete in all respects. Move forward with faith in your inherent power. Never think of yourself as a weak little lamb, but always as a lioness." -Amma


Green Friends, another branch of Embracing The World, and member organization of United Nations Billion Tree Campaign, re-connects people with nature by promoting local participation in conservation efforts worldwide, working with solar energy, permaculture and eco-sanitation, and has planted more than one million trees globally, since 2001.


For more information about these two charitable branches of Embracing The World and Amma: