Winter Solstice Virtual Celebration


Enjoy this High Holy Day Celebration Recording in the Winter Solstice Portal of December 21-24th.
Blessed Be!

 The 1st Solar Gateway and the Return of the Sun is here with the portal open until Dec 24th. In this Sacred Pause, may stillness and reflection feed your body, mind, and spirit. May you plant the seeds in the dark of the womb for what you wish to give birth to.

As the Great Mother gives birth to the Sun King at this time, we too are birthing our light anew for the next Solar Year. 

I feel you in this sacred turning of the wheel of the year. I am gifting you with great love, a recorded ritual called REKINDLE, to honour the Solstice on your own time and in your own sacred space.

Use this recording to nourish your soul in the silent night and ignite Magick in your being, welcoming in the Sun’s Light of your intentions for the coming year.


Winter Solstice Ritual Recording


 In This Ritual You Will

  • Nourish your Spirit & Womb Super Powers

  • Honour the Wisdom of your Personal 2018 Journey

  • Initiate and Celebrate your Sovereign Freedom & Expression

Please have with You

  • Candle and lighter

  • A shawl

  • Your favorite crystals or sacred objects

  • Come adorned as your current most authentic expression


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Thank you. Thank you. I am honoured that you are a part of our international community. We are keeping the ritual energy alight in our Facebook Group. I welcome you to share any of your reflections, insights, and experiences from this Solstice Portal, along with a picture from your altar, solstice offerings, or anything additional, as it's so powerful to be witnessed by one another.




Blessed Be!

Love Achintya