Wild Sacred Women Maui Retreat

October 17-24, 2014 Waning Moon   

Reconnect with your Feminine Heart & Soul For Empowered Living and Leadership

We invite you on a journey into the Temple of your Feminine Heart.

We know you desire to connect more deeply with yourself, live your dreams, and feel vibrant in your body.

To live this epic life you envision takes courage. It takes commitment.  It takes strength.
And it can all be held in a nurturing environment of sisters who celebrate and honor you.

Sometimes it can take a retreat… a moment away from your daily life…. to come home to yourself.  Quite literally, to move away from distractions and patterns to reveal the path that your Soul is calling you towards.

We have curated this Retreat for you. Your invitational video is below:

We come together for a week on the Sacred Island of Maui during Lunar Samhain & the Waning Moon.

The intentions for this week are for you to have an opportunity to reawaken your womb wisdom, access your Feminine Power, and stand as a Healthy Feminine Leader.

This is a path for those who are called.  Those who are ready to coax out the brilliance of who they are and be held in a container of women who “see” your beauty.

Sometimes this feels ease-filled.  Sometimes this can bring forward fears and self-doubts.

Either way sister, the world needs you more than ever to say YES to your unfolding and your magnificence.

During this week, we will cycle as Sisters of the Moon.  As the Moon wanes, we will dive into deeper love, deeper pleasure, deeper intimacy, deeper joy, deeper connection.  A deeper knowing of our selves and our path.

Like many aspects of Womanhood, this part of the moon cycle is often the most misunderstood and feared. The veils at this time are thin and can reveal both our dark and light.

You are Invited to Connect in Circle

  • Enter the Wisdom of your Womb Space
  • Connect with an intimate group of Global Sisters
  • Strengthen your connection to your Inner Wise Woman
  • Create rituals that ground and root you in your daily life
  • Be seen, heard, and loved
  • Create an apothecary for your emotional challenges by learning the art of flower essence making
  • Experience the medicine of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Access your Feminine gifts to apply in Leadership

This Retreat has been created for you to:

REMEMBER your innate creative intelligence

REAWAKEN your beauty, bliss & bounty within

RECONNECT in Sisterhood

RECLAIM your voice & sovereign self

RE-ESTABLISH trust, faith & confidence in yourself & in life

RELEASE old beliefs & stories that are holding you back

RESPOND to life with empowered choices

RE-ATTUNE to natural rhythms of the earth, moon, sun & self

RETURN to the wise woman ways of sacred menstruation

REACQUAINT yourself with your precious & pleasurable lady parts

REMIND yourself how good it feels to be barefoot, in the ocean & the warm wind blowing in your hair

This Retreat is for a Woman who:

  • Is ready to experience a life of pleasure
  • Remembers that she is a priority & is thankful for the opportunity to retreat from the busyness of life
  • Yearns to move her body and connect with her deepest wisdom
  • Is ready to dive deep, play, laugh, cry, create, dance, smile
  • Feels called to share her gifts with the world in more meaningful ways
  • Wants to transcend limiting beliefs to grow stronger, supported with grace

This is an opportunity to commit to yourself and go on an adventure that surely your Soul is craving.

This is a space for your Soul to be revealed, for the magic of the Moon to enter your heart, and for the medicine of the Earth to be remembered.

The Island of Maui allows for:

  • A deep re-set to your life
  • Distinct remembrance of pleasure & fun
  • Space for potent healing
  • Exquisite beauty
  • Seeing yourself as you truly are – beautiful, strong, free

Creating the life you want amidst all of the daily noise, pressures, and responsibilities can be challenging… sometimes it seems impossible. That is why you have to be whisked away and dive deep into yourself…..Adventures, Yoga, Sisterhood, Plant Medicines are on the Agenda.

This retreat is designed to have you coming back to parts of yourself that you neglect or have forgotten. You will have time for deep introspection as well as time to create action. A beautiful marriage of the Feminine and Masculine.

Our Wild Sacred Home for the week is the Beautiful Hale Akua Garden Retreat Center



Included in the Retreat:

  • 8 Days/7 Nights at Hale Akua Garden Retreat Center
  • Shakti Goddess Sadhana/ Feminine Embodiment Practices
  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Woman as Temple, Woman as Leader Trainings
  • All Organic Delicious Meals
  • Goddess Pleasure Crafting: Flower Essence Making, Lei Creating & More
  • Sacred Nature Excursions: Bamboo Forest, Ocean/Beach & Waterfalls
  • OPTIONAL Wild Sacred Woman Empowerment Photography Session (extra charge)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this retreat different from others?

It’s designed to be different.

Achintya and Joanne Ameya are creating a retreat that honors the WHOLE of woman.  We respect that every woman is multi-faceted, powerful, and full of possibilities.

We are sharing with you ALL that we know.  Nothing will be withheld.  Moon cycles and rhythms, embodiment practices, flower essence making, honoring your past to live in your present.

This retreat is meant for you to be able to dive into a deep container of the Sacred so that you can re-emerge and share all of the medicine and teachings with the world.  To be a Leader in your home, work, community, etc.

This retreat will change how you relate to yourself as a woman…. It is based on embodiment, assimilation, and integration.

This is for healers, mamas, birth professionals, yoga practitioners, corporate women… all are welcome.

I am feeling fear about investing in myself? Do you have recommendations on how to move through this?

Ah yes, girl. Our own deservability and worthiness. Here is a simple practice. Read the retreat information a few times. Check out all the tangible and intangible gifts you will receive. After reading, stand up and with feet firmly on the floor, put one hand over your heart and one hand over your womb space. Picture yourself in Maui. An understanding of your body’s wisdom, a heightened sense of power, a group of women who have got your back. Breathe deep.

Take a step back (literally). Open your eyes and ask yourself if this program is a Yes. This is a process of asking your body. In our minds, we can create a litany of reasons NOT to leap and this generally holds us back from our truest desires. Ask your body. I promise you will get a clear Yes or No.

You talk about the power of sisterhood and how to learn from the women taking the program. I don’t have experience with this. Should I still enroll?

We are all craving community. To be seen. Appreciated. Valued. Understood.

We may not have experience with this or feel fear, but it is a longing in our hearts.

What you will find in this retreat is women who will support and honor you. They will see your greatness (sometimes more than their own) and hold you to your commitment to heal your body, mind, and Soul.

We can’t heal on our own. We need a cheering squad. A tribe. A sisterhood.

What are the details for flights and arrival?

You can fly directly into Maui.  This is the Kahului airport.  From there, we will greet you (if possible) or you'll take a 25 minute taxi to your North Shore Goddess Sanctuary and you will begin your 7 day get away (and get within!) journey.  If you want to come early and settle into the magic of Maui, please follow your intuition.