June 21st

We welcome you to join us in Global Sisterhood for this High Holy Day Virtual Temple.

Enjoy Your Recording Below.


In the northern hemisphere, we celebrate the longest hours of daylight as those of us in the southern hemisphere celebrate the longest hours of darkness. United, we hold the both the light and the dark and the full spectrum in between.

We celebrate the rhythms of Earth and the potent Solar Energy as we embrace the Wild Sacred Light within all Beings and Honour the love that shines in our own selves. At this time of Illumination, may we remember that our inner fires allows us to move through any fears that keep us from our truth.

We welcome you to join us as we gather in sisterhood for a celebration ritual to honour your creative powers as a woman in communion with the Solar Masculine within and the Divine Sovereign Consciousness within your Heart and Womb Space.



We Gather Worldwide In Solar Celebration!



In This Gathering You Will

  • Activate & Nourish your Creative Solar Powers
  • Initiate and Celebrate your Sovereign Freedom & Expression
  • Weave the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within you for Authentic Empowerment
  • Ignite your Inner Fire and Self-Love as source for your Leadership


Items For Our Ritual

  • Fresh flowers (if you can of yellow & orange) for your altar, mandala and hair
  • Candles (if you can yellow/orange/gold/white)
  • Favorite essential oil
  • Delicious small dish of oranges/tangerines/fruit
  • Adorn yourself in gold/orange/yellow or any other colours that inspire you

Moon Sisters Temple 

A Living Journey of Moon Rituals & Sacred Sisterhood

July 6 - September 30


As we shared on the Solstice Ritual, we are so excited to welcome you into the next quarter of our Moon Sisters Temple! Over the next 3 months you will be guided by the wisdom of the moon as you embody the wisdom of our monthly guides: Mary Magdalene, Sekhmet, and Demeter! 

Registration is open until July 5th. We begin with our Welcome Circle in the Waxing Moon phase on July 6th.






Blessed Be!

Love Achintya