Moon Sisters Temple

We Wish to Hear from You Before We Begin


It is our desire that you have the most valuable experience possible


Please fill out this Initiation Questionnaire and the review the 'Commitments and Agreements' so that we can all start 'Moon Sisters Temple' in a clear, unified, inspired, and grounded way. We wish to get a sense of where you are in your life and what is alive in your heart and your womb so that we may serve you in the best way possible during our time together. 



This form needs to be completed and submitted for your Participation and to receive all call in details.

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To connect by 'tagging' each other and with hashtags #goddessrisingsisterhood and #moonsisterstemple
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'Moon Sisters Temple' is a powerful opportunity to radically empower your life. Our intention is to journey into Remembrance, to embody Goddess & Moon Wisdom, deepen in our connection to our Selves and to our Sisters. Willingness, commitment, and an Open Heart are essential for this journey together. Please read each commitment slowly as you take deep breaths. When it feels like the statement has really landed within you and you agree, move on to the next one and continue the same process. We are committed to providing a safe and sacred space in sisterhood and your Commitments & Agreements are necessary for participation in Moon Sisters Temple.
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Thank you dear Sister. I bow to your magnificence,

Achintya Devi