Goddess Rising Embodiment Arts: Lalita Devi

With Achintya Devi for Temple Body Awakening



There are infinite ways to embody the Goddess Wisdom of Lalita Devi, the Goddess Of Bliss. The video below is an introduction to working with Jade Yoni Eggs. This is one way to connect with the power of your womb and vagina in a very physical and yet mystical way, so that you can reclaim and embrace the power of pleasure throughout your entire Body Temple. 

Your yoni is sacred and powerful. It is the inner sanctum and temple of your femininity. In this intro to the ancient art of Vaginal Qi Gong with the Jade Egg, you will learn introductory safety, practical and mystical information, the do’s and don’ts, and how to begin implementing a practice that is both a healing and empowering self-love practice, and a sexual energy cultivation practice.

As a healing practice, it can greatly assist with past traumas (physically and emotionally), abortions, old sexual imprinting and womb health challenges (from both this life & your genetic bloodline). The practice can also heal and strengthen your internal organs (which are connected to your emotions), as within the vagina are reflexology points to each of your organs. 

As an empowering self-love practice, this acts as a way to catalyze your personal Womb-Heart connection and is a preventative for countless dis-eases in the female body, such as bladder infection, uterus cancer, cysts, ongoing bleeding etc... 

After healing occurs (and sometimes simultaneously), we can use this as a sexual cultivation practice. The Yoni Eggs works to strengthen your vaginal walls, creating access to the core of your feminine power and pleasure. With continued practice, you can then implement the techniques during lovemaking to experience the benefits of phenomenal sexual orgasm, bliss and deep spiritual intimacy.

This is a bonus video from our Priestesses Of The Moon Online Initiation Training.

I hope this is helpful for you in creating a deeper connection to the subtle energy in your womb space and awaken the power of pleasure within and throughout your Temple Body.  When you watch this video, please create sacred time and space for your practice. 

With Love, Achintya Devi


Yoni Health With Jade Eggs


Additional Important Information Regarding Yoni Eggs:

  • Please do not use Yoni Eggs if you have an IUD, if you are pregnant, or when menstruating.
  • To prepare the cleaning of your yoni egg, for it's first time use, place your egg in a pot, add cool water to cover your egg, bring the water to a boil and keep boiling for 10-15 minutes. Leave to cool in the pot, or scoop out with a spoon and place on a clean towel to dry and cool all the way before practicing.
  • You can also string the egg with non-waxed and non-flavored dental floss and insert into your vagina, tugging upon it gently to first feel it inside you and for easier removal.
  • To insert into your vagina, you can lubricate it with coconut oil or your saliva.
  • When you are first beginning, you can do this practice lying down in your bed. And then move to sitting up. Then to standing.