Ostara Equinox Ritual Gathering

March 20 Recording

We welcome you to join us in Global Sisterhood for this High Holy Day Virtual Temple.

We gather together from across the world to honour the Earth in her dynamic balance at this sacred time on the Wheel of The Year in Celebration. As we move into Spring in the northern hemisphere and transition to Autumn in the southern hemisphere, these Earth rhythms reflect powerful changes within our own psyche's and is an opportunity to create powerful ritual for our lives that support our sacred desires, our nourishment and creative growth.




Items For Our Ritual

  • Hard boiled egg (and optional Flowers)
  • Journal & Pen
  • Water / Tea
  • Rattles / Shakers / Drums
  • Wear bright and colourful clothing


In This Gathering You Will

  • Commune with your sisters from around the world
  • Learn about the Wheel of The Year, the Significance of Equinox & Goddess Ostara
  • Release the old with gratitude and welcome in the new season with empowered clarity
  • Share in a Fertility Ritual with Goddess Ostara
  • Offer our collective energy in prayer for each other & our world

Blessed Be!

Love Achintya