Leo New Moon & Mary Magdalene Feast Day Ritual

Art by Vocasiod

Art by Vocasiod


The New Moon is blazing her blessings upon us July 23rd at 2:46 am PST // 5:46 am EST in the Fire sign of Leo, creating a Lunar Cycle of the Lion or Lioness related to our royal and regal inner Queen/King expressed in the world. This astrological event also marks the start of a powerful 'eclipse season' which we will be journeying through for much of Summer (northern hemisphere)/ Winter (southern hemisphere). It is a month long portal of the Lions Gate, from New Moon in Leo this Saturday, to the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th that is a partial Lunar Eclipse, to another New Moon in Leo on August 21st that is the full Solar Eclipse!

Wow! We are in for a POWER-FULL month of amplification, illumination, and transformation! Eclipses signify shifts, completions, endings, releasing and new beginnings, directions and openings. Because the Full Moon in Aquarius next month is sandwiched between 2 Leo New Moons, this is related to our own sovereignty, power, leadership, gifts, visions in the world. How do we wield our power? Is this done from a place of Love or fear? A power of control or offering? How do we give our power away? How do we reclaim it? How do we offer our power to love and serve?


Mary Magdalene Feast Day Ritual

The Dark Moon on July 22nd is the Feast Day of Saint Mary Magdalene, who was officially given status by the Vatican on June 10th of 2016 as the "Apostle of All Apostles" after being cast by the church as whore for far too long! As her Presence emerges strongly on the planet at this time through our consciousness, she bares the gifts of remembering our Feminine Womb Power (pure & erotic) and Sacred Moon Blood Magick.  As equal and Beloved to Yeshua, together they represent Holy and Divine Union, Unconditional Love, and the powers of co-creation as shared by the masculine and feminine (lunar and solar energies).

You are invited to participate in a Meditation Ritual with Mary Magdalene.

After listening to the Meditation Ritual, you are invited to share in our Goddess Rising Sisterhood Facebook Group to express yourself.

We welcome you to share with us the power and blessings that are alive for you. What are you claiming as your divine inheritance in this moment in time and space? What are you activating? What dreamseeds are you planting and what blessings are you imbuing upon them so they grow big and strong through this lunar cycle and beyond? What wisdom or remembrance was activated with Mary Magdalene?

As we collectively witness, celebrate and support each other in our truth, we RISE in awakening the legacy we are meant to birth here on Earth at this time! I look forward to hearing and seeing you there.

With Love,

Achintya Devi


Posted on July 21, 2017 .