Libra Pink Gaia Moon

The Libra Full Moon is exact on Saturday, March 31st at 5:37am PDT | 8:37am EDT.

At this time of Ostara / Easter / Esotre / Equinox window / this is a Full Moon of Resurrection. As above, so below. The energies of the full moon connect to Christ Consciousness (both feminine and masculine) with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua being deeply honoured. What truth, power and wisdom have you left behind or hidden away that is now ready to come into the light? What is resurrecting within you that will create balance in your life?

This Moon is known as the Pink Moon, which was named by Native American Tribes after the pink wildflowers which bloom in early spring, representing new beginnings. It is also called Gaia's Moon from the Farmer's Almanac, referring to all of Nature coming to life after winter. This is a time of celebrating all that has been released from last season and all that is now coming into bloom.

Full moons amplify our emotions and thus in this Full Moon, the emotions related to our partnerships and relationships is heightened. Remember to practice Self-love, have compassion for other, honour your boundaries and breathe deep.

Feel into the connection you have with yourself, with your heart, your dreams, partnerships, with your global family and with the Earth. What are you grateful for in these relationships? What lessons and insights do you bring with you from last season into this next cycle? What wishes to be amplified and what needs still needs to be composted, shifted, transformed?  How can you bring beauty to all situations and relationships? How can you accept and integrate both the light and the dark? 



  • Tarot: The Magician

  • Herbs: Basil, Chives, Dragon’s blood, Geranium

  • Colors: Crimson Red, Fushia & Gold

  • Stones: Ruby, Garnet, Rose quartz

  • Animals: Bear, Wolf, Hawk

  • Goddesses: Hathor, Ceres, Ishtar, Venus, Bast

  • Medicine: energy into creating and producing; change; self-reliance; tempering emotional flare-ups; receptivity



  • Authentic Inquiry Journaling: Bring your pen in hand to paper and let your heart answer these potent questions: What truth, power and wisdom have I left behind or hidden away that is now ready to come into the light? What is resurrecting within me that will create balance in my life?What relationship dynamics am I holding on to that may feel safe, but is truly not serving? What do I consciously choose to release and create with love? What am I changing? What am I celebrating? What is the deep unwavering truth of who I am? What do I truly desire? What is shaking loose within me? What does my soul/heart need right now?

  • Pink Everything: Create an altar space with pink flowers and crystals. Wear pink clothes & jewels. Eat pink fruits & veggies.

  • Rose Meditation: Visualize a rose glow around your body and opening rose petals at your womb space. Extend this pink glow to all your loved ones and the world for Beauty and Healing.

  • Make Love: To life, to your garden, to yourself, to your creative arts, to your Beloved, including but not limited to sex, infused with sensitivity, open-heartedness, and passion.

  • Remember: Put out your gemstones and jewels outside under the moonlight or in a window (in water if you can) for cleansing, renewal, and activation.

  • Commune: Gather is an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now is a time to be with the energy of the collective.


Howling in the full moon with you in the Rose Glow of LOVE!

Goddess Yoga Arts Aphrodite Gathering
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The Sword & Chalice Avalon Sister Retreat
Glastonbury, England
New Moon, April 12 -14


From the well of my Heart, I am deeply honoured and joy-filled to welcome you to our 'Sword & Chalice' Retreat on the Holy Isle of Avalon, where the masculine and feminine unite in the living temple of the Goddess. 

There is profound alchemy culminating within our converging sisterhood to deepen into the Mysteries of the Sword & Chalice within you. Each woman is a mirror, bringing unique gifts, keys and reflections for the whole of our circle. In this mystical gathering, we shall follow the shimmering threads of Magick to reveal messages, insight, and activations unique for you. Our retreat is an offering to our Beloved Mother Goddess and serves to nourish you as a vessel of the Sacred and catalyze the next unfoldment of your Sovereign Power. 

This Retreat is for 20 women only. 

Registration is on a first come first serve basis.
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DJ Conway Attributes from above.

Posted on March 29, 2018 .