We are in the transition phase on the Wheel of the Year from one season towards another. If you are in the northern hemisphere, what do you take with you from winter's wisdom into spring? What do you leave behind? If you are in the southern hemisphere, what do you take with you from summer's joy into autumn? What do you leave behind? 

This Full Moon in Virgo assists in releasing what no serves you and can align you with the Priestess and Medicine Woman within, as Virgo is the Divine Feminine and the 'Virgin'. In this Full Moon, we are called again to illuminate Self Sovereignty. 

The word 'virgin' originally meant "whole unto oneself". What does it mean to be sovereign unto oneself? What does it feel like to be in our full power? At this full moon, we are asked to explore with a mystical lens (Pisces Sun) all the ways in which we give our power away and how we can reclaim it.  The moon reflects to us the importance of activating our inner discernment, wisdom and intuition to ground our visions and dreams to earth. This is to embody our Wise Woman/Sage/Priestess.

As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, you have a profound invitation and opportunity to reclaim your sovereign power by speaking your Truth, communicating unspokens, listening to the voice of your dreams, following your soul calling and sharing in very real and intimate ways.  This can be scary and may bring up many beliefs and patterns around your self-worth, pleasing others, and prioritizing yourself. And yet, with the Archetype of Priestess illuminated within you, when you reveal deep truths to yourself and speak what is alive, present and necessary to be spoken, you will show up with full integrity and in resonance of your Soul (even if your heart is beating fast and you are scared).

It’s a BIG Moon, sister!

If you are anything like the thousands of womxn around the world on a path of awakening, you have some things to say.  Maybe to yourself, maybe to another, maybe to the Divine.  And... What you are NOT speaking impacts your life greatly.  In this Full Moon, what needs to be spoken? What dreams need to be honoured? What are you reclaiming? Once you speak your Truth, you free yourself and experience a homecoming as sovereign vessel of Heaven and Earth, Living as Love.

This Full Moon is a powerful Threshold moment.  You are standing right at the doorway about to step into something new and/or something that has been a dream that can now become a reality.  Something in your life is asking you to make a commitment that seems edgy or exciting or real or scary.  You have the invitation to walk through this Threshold and expand into your Diamond brilliance by taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and Divine mission. At this time, you are being summoned to live as a Priestess.

Step forth, dear one, to ask for what you need, express your heart with authenticity and celebrate the power of your emotions, wisdom, value and intuition. Now is the time to create and design your human experience from a grounded place of focused intention, service and beauty woven with mystery, the non-linear and the magical. There is great insight and healing when we pay attention to both our dreams and the signs right in front of us! 

This is our Moon Medicine. 



  • Embrace The Heart: This can be a very intense part of the lunar cycle. Be patient with all the emotions you are feeling at this time. Breathe into them. Give them a safe resting place and a healthy funnel of expression. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Seva: Practice selfless service by doing something for someone else (maybe even a stranger) that would brighten their day.

  • Express Yourself: Whether through voice or movement, sing, speak and move from a place of your authentic heart to engage with the current expression of your own body & soul.

  • Gratitude: Now is a beautiful time to reach out and share with others what you are most grateful for about them. Gratitude can also be expressed to oneself and to the Great Mystery with reverence for all our blessings at this time.

  • Intentional Design: Take the reins of your schedule and create some order. Design or arrange your home space to represent your essence.

  • Moon Prayers: With the full moon light, write down or speak your prayers for yourself, loved ones and the planet. The full radiant moon amplifies your word.

  • Moon Priestess: Make time for quiet and stillness as the moon rises. Meditate in the full moon light and open yourself receive intuitive guidance and support.

  • Reclaim Self Sovereignty: In your journal, write down out all the ways that you are currently blaming outside circumstances or people for your own discomfort or unhappiness. Take personal accountability by writing down all the choices, attitudes and actions (including non-action) that are keeping you from living your full potential. Write down all that you are ready to release and all that you are calling forth for your present life to move forward aligned to your heart desires and to get your own needs met. Commit to two action steps to make this real for yourself. Now then, get to it. Welcome to Self Sovereignty.

  • Speak In First Person: Practice speaking from your own personal experience, beginning with 'I', instead of saying 'you'. Example: Instead of saying, "When you went into the ocean, you could hear the whales," you would say, "When I went into the ocean, I could hear the whales." This draws energy back into yourself, creates more power in your speech and opens clarity in your body intelligence.

  • Organize & Release To Beautify: Let go of physical objects that are not supporting your joy. Declutter. Clean. Organize your home space (in and out). This moving of energy supports clearing and cleansing on all levels and welcomes the full moon Light to activate you and your loved ones.

  • Remember: Put out your gem stones and jewels in a window or in water for cleansing, renewal and activation.

  • Commune: Gather is an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now is a time to be with the energy of the collective. See invitation below.

 Join us in Global Sisterhood

Priestesses Of The Rose

Virgo Full Moon Ritual

Tuesday Feb 19, 1:11pm PST

Let's activate our Priestessing in the World.
Let's ignite the pathways of Communication through our Heart’s Fires.
Let's come together, Sister to Sister to Sister, joining for sacred Celebration.


During our Priestess Full Moon Ritual, we will: 

  • Share the Mystical and celestial energies of this Full Moon

  • Access the courage to reclaim or deepen into your Spiritual lineage

  • Bring specific questions about life path or purpose or upcoming decisions into our shared space

  • Journey in a Sisterhood Ritual to unite Heaven and Earth in the body and bringing Truth through the voice

  • Answer any questions about Priestesses of the Rose, our year and a day Priestess Path that begins March 8th


Applications are Due by Feb 22


The Rose Priestess Path is of ancient origin and can be traced all the way to the Stars. Birthed from the Great Mother Sophia and embodied through Venus and Sirius to the initial star seeding of Mother Earth, the Rose Lineage spirals from the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lumeria through various timelines and sacred vortices of the Middle East, Egypt, Europe and to the Isle of Avalon, through to the present day. 

As you weave through the Wheel of the Year in Communion with The Goddess and access the Rose Codes in every Temple, profound Awakening and Homecoming awaits. Rooted in Love, this Rose Path is a Soul Journey of Alchemical Transformation and Embodiment, relinking to your Sovereignty, Divinity and Sacred Purpose. 

With Deep Devotion, we welcome you Beloved Sister.

Love, Achintya & Ameya

Posted on February 18, 2019 .