Pisces Harvest Full Moon

Avalon Harvest Moon Altar co-created by Sunshine & Achintya

Avalon Harvest Moon Altar co-created by Sunshine & Achintya


The Pisces Harvest Full Moon is exact on September 6th at 12:03am PST.

With this full moon in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, we are able to reap the the joys, lessons, insight, and experience from all the previous signs and implement their teachings by seeing through the lens of the ‘being in many worlds at once’. Looking at the symbol for Pisces, with one fish swimming downstream and another swimming upstream, we can see this as an invitation to enter into the power of experiencing life beyond duality by incorporating both the inner and the outer realms, the light and the dark, the highs and the lows, the up and the down, and synthesize the wisdom of polarity, (like 2 magnets coming together in their opposite nature) and the alchemy of fire and water with celebration.

Sister, you are a daughter of the infinite Goddess. Your presence here now invites the awakening of and reclamation of all of you. Your shadow, light and, the rainbow spectrum in between them both. With the Moon is in Pisces, you are asked to rise in taking authentic action with your intuition and gut wisdom. To harness the power of your inner guidance to direct you on your path. 

Drink lots of water. Get into WATER. Be in NATURE. Be present with your breath and the rhythm of your sleep patterns. Rest and exercise. Meditate. Take care to be in stillness in the mornings to recall your dreams, deep insight is there for you. Breathe deeply and check in with your inner voice when needing to make major choices. Accept. Surrender. Release. Celebrate.


Harvest Moon Attributes

  • Astrology: Artist's Moon, closest full moon to autumnal equinox
  • Tarot: Strength
  • Herbs: Copal, Fennel, Wheat, Valerian
  • Colors: Brown, Yellow-Green, Yellow
  • Stones: Citrine, Peridot, Tiger’s Eye, Olivine, Amethyst
  • Animals: Snake, Jackal, Sparrow
  • Goddesses:  Ceres, Isis, Freya
  • Medicine: Rest after labor, Mabon, Autumn Equinox, Balance of light & dark, Organize, Clean out Mental/Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Clutter
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Ritual Suggestions

  • Gratitude Harvest Altar & Release:  Gather fruits and vegetables. Flowers and grains. Create an altar of abundance, representing all you are in gratitude of. List all the things you are grateful for in your life from this year so far and place this in the moonlight (outside or window) to attract more experiences to be grateful for. Write down all the things you are ready to release, change or shift and either bury them, burn them or offer them to a body of water.
  • Dream Speak: Pay close attention to your dreams tonight and through the weekend. Record them in a journal and speak them out loud. Only by writing them down or speaking them will the sometimes subtle (or not so subtle) meaning and message be revealed to you.
  • Cleanse: Whether you are moving from Winter to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere or from Summer to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the moon cycle of Equinox can be the best time of year for a cleanse. When we cleanse the body, we also cleanse out the mind and release baggage and beliefs that are of dis-ease. If you choose to cleanse this season, be wise about what one choose. Do your homework. Investigate & get support. Grab a beloved or join a group cleanse. 
  • Make Space: Time to go through your cupboards, closet, garage etc... and let go of the excess. Spaciousness feels so good and you open yourself up to more internal power and creative life-force.
  • Be Still: With so much frequency shift happening now, simply closing your eyes to pay attention to your breath to pause for 5 minutes will do wonders for your nervous system (especially if you can do this 3 times a day, and longer than 5 if possible. Do what you can). Make sure to get a long and full sleep.
  • Tea Medicine: Drinking Tulsi & Gotu Kola herbal tea will soothe your nerves and calm your spirit. This also allows you to open up to magical and bountiful blessings being offered. 
  • Earthing Creativity: Illuminate your dreams and get into your body! Create a vision board or a painting or dance or write in your journal all that you are bringing with you into the next season ahead. Place this out into the moonlight/speak it/sing out loud.
  • Moon Bathe: Get into the magic of the moonlight and absorb her luminous, activating, soul-stirring and healing balm. Look to the moon and speak the visions and dreams that you see for yourself and for the planet.
  • Remember: Put out your gem stones and jewels in a window or in water for cleansing, renewal, and activation. Place an apple and glass of water in the moonlight and have it for a 'Moon Wisdom' breakfast the next morning.
  • Commune: Gather in an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now can be a powerful time to be with the energy of the collective. (See invitation below).


Full Moon rituals can be done the day before, of and after the actual full moon. This is the 3 day potency period. Blessings to you in this wondrous and magical time.

With Lunar Love, Achintya


Registration IS NOW OPEN to the 4th Quarter of our MOON SISTERS TEMPLE

Oct 3 - Dec 27


As we step into our the final Quarter of 2017, our Mystery School Rituals will be devoted to Shakti Power, as we activate with the power of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.


In honour of these Goddesses, we will be having a FREE Global Navaratri Celebration before we begin. 

I welcome you join us in Global Sisterhood from Sept 20 - 29 for 9 NIGHTS OF THE GODDESS RISING.

9Nights_828X315 copy FB banner.jpg-1.jpeg

In the light of this Harvest Full Moon, I am honored and delighted to share a dreamseed of my own with you! Something that I've wanted to bring together for nearly 2 years has come to fruition!

With great honour, I lovingly invite you to 9 NIGHTS OF THE GODDESS RISING, a POWERFUL global online event to Evoke your Divine Feminine Power. For 9 Nights (September 20-29th) I will be hosting this event in celebration of the power of the Goddess. These nightly rituals and conversations with soulful women leaders from around the world are devoted to arouse your self-sovereignty and inspire your deepest knowing of who you already are. 

Take your seat in the temple and join us as Goddess Durga comes alive in her forms of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati!

If you aren’t familiar, Navaratri, meaning "9 Nights" is the Hindu celebration of the power of the Goddess. I believe WE, as a global sisterhood on the planet at this time, are being called to RISE in our Leadership and Be the Goddess as embodiments of Peace, Justice, Equality, Beauty, and Celebration and to lead our lives with Grace, Courage, Compassion, Clarity, and Confidence. 

In this free online event you will receive:

— LIVE STREAMED Opening and closing Durga ceremony led by yours truly
— 9 guided rituals and conversations from soulful feminine leaders
— Access to a deeply supportive, nurturing, and cutting edge global sisterhood
— A Facebook group where you can process the learning and make new friends
— A deeper level of awareness in your own feminine power

Each night we EMBODY the POWER of each Goddess and her energy!



Love, Achintya Devi

Posted on September 5, 2017 .