Libra Seed Moon Eclipse



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And Now For The Lunar Eclipse Download...

The Penumbra Lunar Eclipse takes place at 4:48am PST in 4 degrees Libra. During this potent eclipse portal, we become illuminated to the light and shadow qualities within our relationships. The relationship we have to ourselves, to each other, our beloveds, family, community, the Earth and all her creations. 

Our energetic and emotional bodies become sensitive and are heightened with deep wisdom when we pay attention. And Moonlovers, it's time to pay attention! This Eclipse is a significant gateway for healing, transformation, and shifting with empowering endings and fresh beginnings in regards to relationship, how we relate & connect, and how we create beauty, balance, justice and harmony in our inner and outer worlds.

Feel into the connection you have with yourself, with your dreams, to your global family, to the Earth. What are you grateful for in these relationships? What lessons and insights do you bring with you from last season into this next cycle? What needs to be eclipsed, composted, shifted, transformed? 

Consider how you can support yourself to navigate through this deeply powerful celestial terrain to feel centered and balanced... How can you bring beauty to all situations and relationships? How can you accept and integrate both the light and the dark? 



Tarot: The Fool
Herbs: Broom, Yellow dock, Irish moss
Colors: Pale/Light Green, Red-violet
Stones: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Fluorite
Animals: Cougar, Hedgehog, Boar
Goddesses: Astarte, Ostara, Minerva, Luna, Artemis
Medicine: Burst of new energy, Growing, Exploring, Learning, Inner child work, New beginnings, Balance of light and dark, Ostara, Spring Equinox



  • Cleanse:  Whether you are moving from Winter to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere or from Summer to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, the Equinox can be the best time of year for a cleanse to support healthy transitions. When we cleanse the body, we also cleanse out the mind and release baggage and beliefs that are of dis-ease. If you choose to cleanse this season, be wise about what one choose. Do your homework. Investigate & get support. Grab a beloved or join a group cleanse. 
  • Make Space: Time to go through your cupboards, closet, garage etc... and let go of the excess. Spaciousness feels so good and you open yourself up to more internal power and creative life-force.
  • Be Still: With so much frequency shift happening now, simply closing your eyes to pay attention to your breath to pause for 5 minutes will do wonders for your nervous system (especially if you can do this 3 times a day, and longer than 5 if possible. Do what you can). Make sure to get a long and full sleep.
  • Tea Medicine: Drinking Tulsi & Gotu Kola herbal tea will soothe your nerves and calm your spirit. This also allows you to open up to magical and bountiful blessings being offered. 
  • Journal Power: Write in your journal all that you are releasing from last season and all the lessons and insight that you can bring with you into the next season. Write out all that you are greatful for and what qualities you would like to embody for the next quarter of the year. Place this out into the moonlight/speak it/sing it after just after the eclipse happens.
  • Burn It Baby: From the journaling above, you can write a list of all that you wish to release. Free it up. Give it voice. Say it out loud. Let it out! Let it go and burn it during the eclipse!
  • Wear a Head Covering: During these eclipsing time, so much energy is swirling around. Wear a hat, tuque, wrap or creative head covering to avoid leaking out all your precious subtle energy and keep it inside.
  • Commune: Gather in an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now can be a powerful time to be with the energy of the collective. (See invitation below).


Global Online Moon Sisters Temple

2nd Quarter April 4 - June 30


We welcome you to step into the Goddess Rising Moon Sisters Temple with our international community of over 140 women to activate and empower your wild sacred feminine wisdom in rhythm with the cycles of the moon. As La Luna mirrors your own waxing and waning, we gather through Moon Rituals in sync with the power of the Moon so that you may to rise into your full potential, deepen into your heart and womb, nourish yourself, receive guidance from nature’s living wisdom, embody the power of the Goddess and cultivate meaningful relations with other women from around the globe.

This educational, experiential and interactive journey is designed to weave into your life with ease and grace, as a grounding, yet fluid rhythm, of consistent support and inspiration in your life. 




With Lunar Love & Moon Magic,

Achintya Devi


Moon Attributes Contribution via DJ Conway. 

Posted on March 21, 2016 .