Capricorn Strawberry Honey Moon

The Capricorn Full Moon is exact on June 27th at 9:53 pm PDT.

This Full Moon asks us to ground our deepest desires and dreams to the earth and live them now! For the benefit of our own lives, and for the planet. There is no more waiting. It is time for passionate activation! 

(This Moon is also known as the Honey Moon, Mead Moon, Mermaid Moon and the Full Rose Moon)

Original Artist Unknown. Art Edits by Achintya Devi

Original Artist Unknown. Art Edits by Achintya Devi


This Capricorn Moon portal reflects to us the need to make important choices in our lives in order to bring these deep dreams and desires forward. If you have been on the fence about something, it's time to act! Your body holds the wisdom and guidance for all your answers. Listen within and move in the direction that feels good in your heart, wombspace and intuition. Remember, the universe always rewards you for trusting your gut!

This powerful Full Moon glow amplifies your capacity to experience joy, pleasure and love in your body as sacred medicine. You are being invited now to do what makes you feel good without shame or guilt. The moon's energy supports you to shed self-imposed limitations and unleash your inner wild woman! It's time to celebrate! The earthy power of Capricorn magnetizes your creative passion and welcomes you to delight in the pleasures of all your senses!


Strawberry / Honey Moon Attributes

  • Tarot: The Moon

  • Herbs: Meadowsweet, Vervain, Parsley, Skullcap

  • Colors: Orange, Pink, Golden-green

  • Stones: Topaz, Agate, Fluorite, Pearl

  • Animals: Honey Bee, Butterfly, Frog, Peacock

  • Goddesses: Butterfly Maiden, Cerridwen, Ishtar

  • Medicine: Contentment, Celebration, Litha/Summer Solstice, Portal of light, Decision making, Strengthen and reward positive qualities of oneself


Ritual Suggestions

  • Sacred Desires & Sacred Release Journaling: What sacred desires of yours are being illuminated? What opens up pleasure, passion and joy in your life? What is standing between you and and that (patterns, thought forms, behaviors, limiting beliefs beliefs)? Burn this paper now for sacred release in a fire or with candles outside in the full moon light. You can Dance / speak / move / stomp it out. After this and you feel more space within you, write down and speak aloud to the moon how you now choose to commit and devote yourself to your dreams. How can you take action to receive support? And can you and trust in the divine timing of your dreams?

  • Honey Medicine: Eat a spoonful of honey in the moonlight, taste the sweetness of all of your life's blessings and recent accomplishments while feeling into trust, that all be provided for, for your life's dreams.

  • Passionate Heart: How does your heart want to be expressed/nurtured at this time? What would feel inspiring and delicious right now? Dance, yoga, cooking, sex? What can bring you out of your mind and into your body? Do that! And try it in the moonlight! When done with the intention, this celebration supports the magnification of your dreams.

  • Elemental Nourishment: Capricorn Moon is an ideal time for you to get in the Natural World and the Elements of Earth. Visit your favorite tree, park, river, ocean or lake etc... Let the wild and sacred medicine of nature seep into your body and your breath. Let the mind go and rest into Earth and practice the art of spaciousness by simply Being.

  • Remember: Put out your gem stones and jewels in a window or in water for cleansing, renewal and activation. Place an apple and glass of water in the moonlight and have it for a 'Moon Wisdom' breakfast the next morning.

  • Commune: Gather in an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now can be a powerful time to be with the energy of the collective. (See invitation below).

Full Moon rituals can be done the day before, of and after the actual full moon. This is the 3 day potency period. Blessings to you in this wondrous and magical time.

Wild Moon Love, Achintya


 We Welcome You To Join Us!



Strawberry Full Moon, Wednesday, June 27 at 1:30 pm PDT



In this Full Moon Class & Sacred Practice, you will:

  • Receive Capricorn Moon Wisdom & Ground into the power Earthly Pleasures

  • Learn the 7 Sexual Gateways & how they affect your Sexual experiences

  • (re)Meet the Wild Woman Archetype and Invite her to Awaken in Your Body

  • Receive personal insight, healing & transformation

  • Express your heart and womb truth with sister shares (optional)

  • Have to time to ask any Questions about Priestesses Of The Moon

This is also an Open House for our upcoming Priestesses Of The Moon.  There will be time to ask questions and get a feel for this extraordinary Program and Sacred Self-Initiation. Registration CLOSES June 28th.


*Included references for Moon Attributes: Moon Magick by DJ Conway

Posted on June 26, 2018 .