Online Beltane Ritual~ Alchemy Of Sacred Inner Union

May 1 Recording

We welcome you to join us in Global Sisterhood for this High Holy Day Virtual Temple.

Beltane is one of the Fire Festivals and High Holy Days on the Wheel of The Year, half way between Equinox & Solstice, to celebrate the Rites of Passion & Fertility.

We welcome you to join us as we gather in sisterhood for an activation ritual to honour your sacred and creative sensual power as a woman and the Divine Sovereign Consciousness within your Womb Space with the alchemy of your sacred feminine and sacred masculine Inner Union.

When you empower your self-sovereignty and creative sensual nature, you rise in your Priestess self, creating a ripple effect of powerful shift in service to our global community. This is the new paradigm of the Feminine Movement that you are a part of. As you initiate yourself in your innate worth, claim your truth, share your hearts gifts, you support and inspire your global sisters to rise in their divine feminine leadership. 




Items For Our Ritual

  • Fresh flowers for your altar and hair
  • 2 candles: 1 white & 1 red
  • Thin pink ribbon or thread anywhere from 20 to 60cm
  • Favorite essential oil (traditionally frankincense, lilac, passion flower, rose, or vanilla) or make a blend with some of the above oils
  • Delicious small dish of fruits, chocolate or savory
  • Adorn yourself as the Rising Priestess that you are, wearing colours that inspire you


In This Gathering You Will

  • Activate, Nourish and Celebrate your Sensual Creative Womb Super Powers
  • Clear Programming blocking you from your Sovereign Freedom & Expression
  • Weave the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within you for Authentic Empowerment
  • Ignite your Wild Passion in safety as source for your Divine Feminine Leadership



Blessed Be!

Love Achintya