Welcome Women,


I'm so happy you found your way here. I invite us to be present and authentic as we delve deep and have fun in the awakening to our innate gifts as women.

I am committed to growth, healing, embodiment, empowerment and transformation in my own life, as we walk the path of the heart. I'm passionate about bringing women together to awaken and embody health & happiness on all levels.  

Goddess Rising is my heart's offering to women around the world, dedicated to activating and empowering the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom within you through Moon Priestess Trainings, a Global Online Moon Sisters Temple, Global Moon Temple Collective with Facilitation Certification Trainings, and Wild Sacred Women Retreats.

I am passionate about you reclaiming and embodying the rhythm of your feminine power and rising in remembrance of your deepest inner truths for lasting transformation and empowerment. 

In sisterhood, we weave ancient traditions with modern living, bringing forth Moon Guidance & Womb Wisdom, Feminine Life Design, Ritual, Goddess Alchemy, Yoga, Acupressure, Pranayama, Sound Healing, Meditation & Dance, with Pure Food & Herbal Support for Divine Feminine Embodiment. 

I am a lover of Nature, devotee of Life, Daughter of the Sun & Moon. I am a Womb Wisdom and Moon Mystery Mentor, Ordained Priestess in the Temple of Isis, 13 Moon Mystery School Initiate, Wholistic Health Practitioner, Acupressure Therapist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. 

I hold a BA in ‘Sustainable Health & Earth Education’. My path is one of living in gratitude, joy, devotion and service.

I would love to meet you. Please feel free to connect. Send an email or reach out on the social media links.  


All Love,

Achintya Devi 

Founder & Creatress of Goddess Rising Sisterhood