is Launching for 2019 this Spring

Connect with Mary Magdalene in this meditation as we enter into The Queen Codes.


Rise In Your Sovereign Feminine Power

With The Queen Codes of Maeve, Rhiannon, & Mary Magdalene


Beloved Sister,

From my heart, I welcome you to our Moon Sisters Temple to activate and empower your wild and sacred feminine. As La Luna mirrors your own waxing and waning, this Temple is your Living Guide to aligning with the current rhythms of the moon to reawaken your Lunar Super Powers and Goddess Wisdom.

The time is here for us all to take the next leap of embodying more of who we are and why we are here as sacred feminine leaders (in all our unique ways), to truly be the needed change in the world. The Divine Feminine calls strongly as the awakening of Her medicine within us are needed for the planet. 

Our Ritual Gatherings, in sync with the power of the Moon, encourage you to rise into your full potential, deepen into your heart and womb, nourish yourself, receive guidance from nature’s cycles, embody the power of the Goddess and cultivate meaningful relations with other women from around the globe.

This educational, experiential and interactive journey is designed to weave into your life with ease and grace, as a grounding, yet fluid rhythm, of consistent support and inspiration in your life. 

This is your sanctuary to feel beautifully held in sisterhood when taking steps to activate your visions, celebrating your dreams or when feeling the deep challenges that can come as you navigate through life.  This is your sacred space to unleash your wild feminine, release self-limiting beliefs, and awaken more fully to the presence of who you are. Who you are becoming... And who you have always been.


In Devotion To The Goddess Rising Within You,  

Achintya Devi

 Walk The Path of Your Sacred Feminine Power & Presence 



As A Part of Our Moon Sisters Temple, You Will:


REMEMBER your innate creative intelligence

REAWAKEN your truth, love and wisdom within

RECONNECT to authentic Sisterhood

RECLAIM your voice & sovereign self

RELEASE old beliefs & stories that are holding you back

RESPOND to life with empowered choices

RE-ATTUNE to natural rhythms of the earth, moon, sun & self

RETURN to home to yourself

REACQUAINT yourself with the power of your womb space

RE-ESTABLISH trust, faith & confidence in yourself & in life


Rise in Global Sisterhood



Now is the time to shine our collective light, do our shadow work, uplift each other and rise into our most remarkable selves. As Moon Sisters, we show up ready to authentically see each other and be seen, to listen and be heard. We each have gifts that are needed in the world to share and this sanctuary is your support squad. When we honour each woman's unique gifts and our own, we shift disempowering societal programmings of comparison and scarcity and open ourselves up to the empowering universal truths of acceptance, abundance and celebration. 

When you step into the temple, you enter into an alchemical dance of transformation that weaves your unique essence and gifts into co-creating sustainable, balanced and peaceful ways of living to honour earth, each other and all sentient beings. Whether you are new here, or have been a part of the Goddess Rising Sisterhood in some way before, you are invited! Our sisterly power and love is indeed a part of the greatly needed change in the world.

Journey With The Moon. Rise In Goddess Wisdom. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.12.07 PM.png

Your participation in our Moon Sisters Temple will enliven your relationship with the current celestial energies and rhythms of nature, as we gather during the potency and magic of the new and full moons and the sacred turning points on the Wheel of The Year. We celebrate the sacred phases of birth, life, death and rebirth in nature, which our reflected as the living womb wisdom and emotional intelligence within us. In our Moon Sisters Temple, we delve into feminine embodiment practices together, guided by the relevant moon medicine and astrology, to harness the wisdom and power present, for our own lives and for serving our greater communities. 


The Queen Codes Immersion

We gather together in sync with the rhythm of the moon at varying times to provide an opportunity for all Moon Sisters a chance to join LIVE. All calls are recorded and made available in our private online materials portal. All Moon Bundles are pre-recorded and delivered at waxing and waning half moons.


Rising In Sovereign Feminine Power

April 18 - July 6


Moon Rituals to Honour Your Warrioress, Sovereignty, & Sacred Sexuality

April 18 New Moon Opening Ritual (recording for personal practice)

April 21 Welcome Circle (LIVE) & Waxing Moon Bundle

April 28 Full Moon Ritual (LIVE)

May 8 Waning Moon Bundle & Special Guest


Moon Rituals to Honour Your Strength, Faith, & Magick 

May 15 New Moon Ritual (LIVE)

May 22 Group Mentorship Hour (LIVE) & Waxing Moon Bundle

May 28 Full Moon Ritual (LIVE)

June 6 Waning Moon Bundle & Luminary Guest

Mary Magdalene

Moon Rituals to Honour Your Devotion, Rapture, & Erotic Innocence  

June 14 New Moon Ritual (LIVE)

June 20 Group Mentorship Hour (LIVE) & Waxing Moon Bundle

June 27 Full Moon Ritual (LIVE)

July 6 Waning Moon Bundle & Luminary Guest



Access to our Global Online Forum

3 New Moon Activation Rituals 

3 Full Moon Illumination Rituals 

1 Opening Personal Ritual

6 Astrological Download Deliveries

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.33.07 PM.png

Exclusive Printable Calendar

3 Luminary Sister Guest Presentations 

Discounted Personalized Astrological or Tarot Readings


6 Waxing & Waning Moon Bundles with Journal Meditation & Crafting

40 Day Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

3 Mentorship Calls with Q&A 

*NEW* Optional Triad Groups

Join us for your Divine Feminine Reclamation!

The Queen Codes are Calling, Sister.

We Await You in the Temple.

Copy of _I have experienced so many synchronicities during this time and have developed enormous, beautiful, spiritual stretch marks. The Moon Sister's Temple has aligned me with my power to such an extent, that I wi (1).png

Pay in Full $288

Copy of _I have experienced so many synchronicities during this time and have developed enormous, beautiful, spiritual stretch marks. The Moon Sister's Temple has aligned me with my power to such an extent, that I wi (1).png

2-payments $160


IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE:  Tuition for The Queen Codes Immersion is a 1-time fee and does NOT recur automatically.

~ What Moon Sisters are Saying ~


How We Gather


Heart Council

Connect with your fellow Goddess Rising Moon Sisters in our private online forum for ongoing insight, sister heart sharing and reflection. Express yourself with poetry, imagery, songs & related inspiration throughout the journey. Your creativity, interaction and voice, create the beauty and richness of our collective.


 Moon Sisters Portal

Here, in our secret online Moon Sister Portal, you will find our printable Moon Calendar, all the Moon Ritual Recordings, 40 Day Moon Sadhana Videos, Waxing & Waning Moon Bundles, Moon Sister Luminary Presentations and all other needed materials. All organized in one place and easy for you to navigate.

Moon Temple

We gather live for our New Moon & Full Moon Rituals by phone or webcast. This is where the magic happens. We unite in sisterhood for feminine embodiment practices, moon medicine, mystical content, and personal sharing to create a powerful collective experience and council of wisdom and heart. If you can't make it LIVE, all sessoins are recorded for to listen to at your own convenience. 



Achintya Miranda 

Your Guide, Moon Priestess & Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School


I am deeply honoured to be your moon sister guide, facilitator and gate keeper in our Goddess Rising Moon Sisters Temple. I am devoted to holding the most sacred space that I possibly can, to serve you with my full heart and inspiration, and to mirror to you your own magnificence. I am fiercely and passionately dedicated to your safety, to you embracing your truths, unleashing your wild sacred feminine, and to you Rising in your Sovereign Power as the Woman that you are with an infinite well of wisdom inside. I look forward to connecting with you, having fun, and journeying into the Mystery together. 


 Moon Sister Support & Mystical Wisdom 


Eliza Ceci

 Temple Mama Manager

Anything you need help with? I'm so honored to be your Sister in support! Please know I look forward to getting to know you & helping you with anything you need. Being your support doula in our group space is my great pleasure.

Divine Harmony

Full & New Moon Astrology Insights

It is my joy to bring the divine cosmological weather down to the earth and offer it to you, woven with in depth psychology, to support you for continued insight and guidance. 

Kari Anandasree

Vedic Astrology & Tarot Readings


It is with great pleasure that I can serve you with the gifts of the Tarot & Vedic Astrology. I look forward to diving deeper with you should you choose to have a one-on-one Vedic Astrology or Tarot Reading.


Be true to you. Participate in as little or as much of all the Temple has to offer. Make it yours. As with anything, you will receive what you put in to this experience. By registering, you are saying YES to devoting loving attention to yourself, to shining your glory, to being vulnerable, delving into the shadows, giving and receiving supportive energy, and rising with courage into communion with your innate feminine super powers! Sister, let's take a sojourn into the remembrance of your sovereign feminine power. As we cycle with the moon together, you will reawaken your innate feminine gifts and activate them in your life.

Join us for the Queens Code Immersion, Sister!

Registration Closes April 17th

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1 Payment of $288

2 Payments of $160

Registration will Re-Open in 2019!

Frequently Asked Questions


I am feeling fear about investing in myself? Do you have recommendations on how to move through this?

Yes... Deservability and worthiness. Here is a simple practice. Read through this page again and check out all the goodies you will receive. After reading and watching the videos, stand up and with your feet firmly on the floor. Begin breathing deeply, put one hand over your heart and one hand over your womb space. Imagine yourself in 3 months from now...  A heightened Remembrance, Mystical Rituals and Practical Application, Deeper Connection to your Feminine, Unleashing of your Truth & Wild Essence, an Understanding of your Womb Wisdom, and Group of Women who have got your back. Breathe deep.

Take a step back (literally). Open your eyes and ask yourself if the Moon Sisters Temple is a Yes. This is a process of asking your body. In our minds, we can create a litany of reasons NOT to leap and this generally holds us back from our truest desires. Ask your body. She is the keeper of your Truth.  I promise you will get a clear Yes or No.


This is not the best time for me. when will Moon Sisters Temple be open for registration again?

Registration for the Moon Sisters Temple re-opens on a quarterly basis. Currently, this is the last time the doors will be open for the rest of 2018 as Achintya will be taking a wedding celebration sabbatical! If you'd like to join us, now is the time, sister.


You talk about the power of sisterhood and how to learn through being in a community of other women. This brings up fear as I don't have experience with this. Should I still enroll?

We are all craving community. To be seen. Appreciated. Valued. Understood. Women have been separated for too long. Dear one, you are not alone. We are meant to do this together.

What you will find in the Moon Sisters Temple are women who will support and honor you. They will see your greatness (sometimes more than their own) and hold you to your commitment to yourself.  They will be your mirrors to heal your heart and become your tribe. Our sisterly love is indeed the needed medicine for each other and this changing world.


Is there a refund policy?

We ask that you show up in commitment and integrity to this sacred work. Because of the nature of this offering in receiving immediate access to online materials, there are no refunds and all materials within the Moon Sisters Temple Portal are yours to keep.


What happens if someone violates the Global Sisterhood Creed and Ethics & Guidelines?

If there is a direct violation our Global Sisterhood Creed and Temple Ethics & Guidelines, particularly if that is intentional, shaming, excessive victimization, petty drama and overt insensitivity, or bullying, that member will be subject removal from the Moon Sisters Temple, immediately, without a refund. There will always be communication with the member before removal, if ever needed. We reserve the Right to refusing this Moon Sisters Temple to anyone we see unfit to uphold our Agreements & Commitments.


We look forward to howling at the moon and dancing with you sister...