3 In-Person Ceremonial Immersions



October 22, The Warrioress

November 16, The Sorceress

December 18, The Empress


Maui Mahina Sister,

From my heart, I welcome you into the Goddess Rising Moon Sisters Temple and invite you to join us in our Maui Sisterhood to rise in your sacred leadership, with in-person connection, support and inspiration. If you have registered for our Global Online Moon Sisters Temple, then you can now register for our 3 In-person Ceremonial Immersions for this last quarter of 2016.

The time is here for us all to take the next leap of embodying more of who we are and why we are here as sacred feminine leaders (in all our unique ways), to truly be the needed change in the world. The Warrioress, Sorceress and Empress archetypes of the Divine Feminine are calling strong now, as the awakening of their medicine and re-definition within us are needed for the planet. 

Our Ceremonial Immersions will take everything you are already cultivating in our online temple and bring it deeper into your life. 

 I am so excited to be with you for this!

With Aloha,  Achintya

Online Global Moon Sisters Temple 

It's necessary to be enrolled in the Online portion of this offering to participate in the In-Person Ceremonial Immersions. Please register with the button below if needed and then come back to this page. 



(Ceremonial Immersions Highlighted)


The Warrioress


Guardianship Activation

Embodying Fierce Grace

2nd  Dark Moon Welcome Circle & Warrioress Activation Ritual

8th Waxing Half Moon Bundle

10th Q&A Goddess Office Hour 

15th Warrioress Full Moon Ritual

22nd Waning Half Moon Bundle & Maui Warrioress Immersion

26th Q&A Goddess Office Hour




The Sorceress


Sacred Spell Weaving

Dream Crafting

Oct 30th  Lunar Samhain Sorceress Activation Ritual

Nov 1st 40 Day Moon Sadhana Begins

6th Q&A Goddess Office Hour

7th Waxing Half Moon Bundle

15th Sorceress Full Moon Ritual

16th Maui Sorceress Immersion

21st Waning Half Moon Bundle

25th Q&A Goddess Office Hour


The Empress


Poised Sovereignty 

Elegance & Intuition 

Nov 29th Dark Moon Empress Activation Ritual

Dec 7th Waxing Half Moon Bundle

10th Q&A Goddess Office Hour

13th Empress Full Moon Ritual

18th Maui Empress Immersion

20th Waning Half Moon Bundle

21st Public Solstice Ritual

23rd Q&A Goddess Office Hour


Warrioress Immersion

October 23, 9am - 5pm 

Dharma Center Retreat, Huelo

Sorceress Immersion

November 16th, 3pm - 9pm

Dharma Center Retreat, Huelo

Empress Immersion

December 18th, 9am - 5pm

Sacred Nature Location TBD


Please bring with you a packed lunch/dinner. Beverages and light snacks will be provided. An email will be sent out a week before each Immersion with further details on what to bring and driving directions. 


You will receive what you put in to this experience. By registering, you are saying YES to devoting loving attention to yourself, to shining your glory, to being vulnerable, delving into the shadows, giving and receiving supportive energy, and rising with courage into communion with your innate feminine super powers! Sister, let's take a sojourn into the remembrance of your wild womanly wisdom. As we cycle with the moon as a tribe you will reawaken your innate feminine gifts and activate them in your life.

Ready to say YES? 

We so look forward to having you with us, sister!



October 22, The Warrioress 

November 16, The Sorceress

December 18, The Empress


3 Payments of $108

1 Payment of $297


After you complete your registration, you will receive a welcome email.

Having trouble registering? Have specific questions you'd like answered? Connect with our Sister Support by sending an email to and we will be in touch within 48 hours, Monday-Friday.