July 20 - 22

Artwork by Goddess Rising Priestess Sister, Linzy Arnott

Artwork by Goddess Rising Priestess Sister, Linzy Arnott


Welcoming you to join us in Sisterhood to commune with Mary

Magdalene in reverence and celebration of Her Feast Day.

July 22nd is the Feast Day of Saint Mary Magdalene, who was officially given this honour by the Vatican on June 10th of 2016 as the "Apostle of All Apostles" after being cast out by the church for centuries.

As one of the Keeper's of The Rose Lineage, Mary Magdalene's Presence is re-emerging strongly on the planet now during this era of monumental shift. She is rising in our consciousness, resurrecting the Divine Feminine Christ and guiding us to embody our Holy Feminine Power, Sovereignty, Erotic Innocence, Leadership and Devotional Service. The Truth of who She is, as equal and Beloved to Yeshua, is being understood and recognized now. Together they are supporting the Christ Light of Divine Union, Unconditional Love and Co-Creation to Awaken in all of Humanity that was seeded 2000 years ago.


 As Her Message reaches our ears, She shares... 

"Dear One, you are unconditionally Loved. And you are Love itself. You are Sacred and Sovereign. You are Whole and Holy. Love, Power, and Wisdom are not outside of you to grasp for or achieve. They lie within you, Sister. This living Truth has always there. You are the Holy Grail being reawakened in your bones, blood and cells. In your feelings and in your memory.  Allow doubt shame, fear and isolation to wash away as you baptize yourself in the Holy Waters of Remembrance. Your birthright as a Sovereign and Divine Being is resurrecting now as the living Rose Codes Blossom forth from within you."


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Each day of our Online Retreat is offered in devotion for you to Know Thyself. Together we will be (Mary) Merry Making with Ceremony, Song, Dance, Prayer and Sacred Rose Code Teaching Transmissions. This is a powerful opportunity to deepen your connection and mentorship with Mary Magdalene as you walk The Way of Love and Rise in your Holy Feminine Power.

~ DAY 1 ~

The White Rose Codes

July 20 11am PDT



Purity & Erotic Innocence

~ DAY 2 ~

The Red Rose Codes

July 21 11am PDT  



Wild Rapture & Sensual Passion

~ DAY 3 ~

The Pink Rose Codes

July 22 11am PDT 



Co-Creation & Unconditional Love


  • Activate The Rose Code Wisdom & Magdalene Flame Awakening within you and our Global Sisterhood

  • Immerse in Light & Shadow Teachings of The White, Red and Pink Rose Codes for Embodied Devotional Leadership

  • Surrender burdens or heaviness preventing you from living in your Truth and Authentic Power & Sovereignty

  • Commune with Mary Magdalene & the Sanctuary of our shared circle for Guidance, Support and Soul Nourishment


If you can’t make the Live Calls, the Replay will be sent after our call completion.



Approx 6 Hours of Live Rose Code Teachings, Practices & Living Transmissions over 3 Days

Private Magdalene Sister FB Group for Sharing, Support & Inspiration

3 Downloadable Recordings of each Rose Code Call

3 Printable Rose Empowerment Cards

Each Video Call is 1.5 - 2 hours


Upon Registration, you will receive a confirmation welcome email with next steps to join our Devotional Online Retreat. Please make sure to check your spam and promotions folders and move our email to your inbox.

I look forward to gathering with you in Sisterhood & Exalted Celebration!

With Rose Blessings,

Achintya Devi