Lughnasadh, (pronounced Loo-NAS-ah), also known as Lammas falls on August 1st in the Gregorian calendar. In our Moon Priestess traditions, we celebrate Lunar Lughnasadh on August 7th this year, which is a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius.

At this time of fruition, integration and reflection, take time to honour the seeds you've planted and celebrate this time of the first Harvest. We invite you to join us for a celebration ritual to amplify your creative powers as a woman in communion with the Earth, Moon and Sun. 



Lughnasadh Lunar Eclipse Ritual
for August 7th



In This Ritual You Will

  • Learn the significance of High Holy Day of Lughnasadh
  • Nourish your Creative Powers 
  • Amplify your Visions for your life and the world
  • Release burdens or heaviness that prevent you from living in your truth
  • Weave the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within you for Authentic Empowerment




Blessed Be!

Love Achintya