Bowen Island, BC Canada

Half Moon August 25 - 30, 2017



Beloved Sister Of The Moon,

I invite you to our intimate Alchemical Empress Retreat in the days just after the August 21st total Solar Eclipse in North America. This will be a mystical journey where we shall bring to life our kindred connections and collective Shakti (feminine energy) to harness the magic of the growing Waxing Half Moon, with both the power of the light and the dark in the cycle of Virgo (Virgin / Priestess / Queen / Empress). There is a profound alchemy that happens when we merge this cosmic alignment with our temple of sisterhood. With ecliptic life-force, our retreat serves to empower you as a vessel of the Sacred and catalyze the next evolution of your Sovereignty, Leadership and Feminine Power. 

There is space for 11 women in our private retreat by application only (see bottom of page).

Currently 1 space open.

I look forward to journeying in the Lunar light and dark with you.

With Love, Achintya Devi





Magic. Mystery. Nourishment.

We shall be diving in deep with Empress Alchemy and the associated wisdom that is alive for us in the current cosmological weather of VIRGO: QUEEN'S MOON or CORN MOON with her Archetypal Elements to nourish & support us.

  • Tarot: The Empress
  • Herbs: Chamomile, St. John’s wort, Fennel, Rue
  • Colors: Yellow, Gold
  • Stones: Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper,  
  • Animals: Lioness; Phoenix, Hawk
  • Goddesses: Gaia, Demeter, Corn Mother
  • Tools: Sceptre, Staff, Voice, Hands & Feet
  • Medicine: Gathering; Gratitude; Health & Wellness; Friendships; Bounty; Motherhood


Sovereignty. Leadership. Feminine Power.

We shall stir in the cauldron of Earth Wisdom and Moon Ritual both individually and as a Sisterhood Temple. 

Individually you are encouraged to nourish yourself, to listen to the voice of your soul, to welcome the power of the Moon, the Animal Spirits and the Goddess to guide you from within to courageously rise into the next phase of your divine unfoldment.

Our unified field of energy will serve to amplify our experiences with Grace and Power. Collectively we will journey with Goddess Gaia, Demeter and the Corn Mother, as well as with the Lioness, the Phoenix & the Hawk. We will contribute to one another with the medicine of being moon sisters, offering sacred reflection, support and honour. 

With the Majesty of the Alchemical Empress and the Royal lineages of light, our Rituals, Nature Adventures and Embodiment Practices serve to empower you in your Sovereignty, Leadership and Feminine Power. 


Our Curriculum Includes

  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Alchemical Empress Temple Arts
  • Luscious Organic Meals
  • Earth Connection & Sea Swimming
  • Ocean Kayak Adventure 
  • Campfires & Star gazing (if there is no ban)
  • Sacred Spa with Finnish Sauna
  • Relaxation / Journaling / Being
  • Sisterhood Connection
  • Music, Dance & Song Circle
  • Moon Ritual
  • Tea Ceremony

And... we are leaving space for the Mystery to reveal itself and offer the most exquisite gifts of alchemical delight!


Our schedule is subject to change based on group flow and desires.

Arrival Aug 25th

2-4pm Check-in at Nectar Yoga B&B
5pm Opening Circle
6:30pm DINNER

Sample Daily Rhythm

7-8am Kundalini Yoga/Meditation
9:30am-12:30pm Feminine Wisdom Alchemical Temple Practices
12:30-1pm Break/Downtime
1-2:30pm  LUNCH
3-6pm Nature Excursion, Art's n Crafts & Play
6:30-7:30pm DINNER
8pm... Free time / Campfire / Moon Ritual / Earth Magic / Stargazing

Departure Aug 30th

7-8 Yoga/Meditation Practice
9:30am-11am Retreat Closing Circle 12-2pm Retreat Check-out 


Bowen Island, British Colombia, Canada


Bowen Island, BC

Just a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, Bowen Island (population 3300) is well known for its picturesque hiking, biking, kayaking swimming, beaches, cozy atmosphere and friendly nature.

For centuries, Bowen Island was used as a summer outpost by the native Squamish Nation, who hunted for deer and fished for salmon there. The Squamish are a coast Salish people whose traditional territory stretches from Point Grey in Vancouver to Roberts Creek, encompassing all of the islands in Howe Sound, including Bowen Island. The Squamish name for the Island is Xwlíl'xhwm, meaning “Fast Drumming Ground”.  In the Squamish creation story, Xwlíl’xhwm is often referred to as the place where the deer were created. 


Nectar Yoga B&B

Our Eco-friendly Retreat Home, Nectar Yoga B&B, is set on 1.2 acres, with elegant and cozy northwest accommodations just a few minutes walk from the Pacific Ocean, that includes a Finnish sauna and geodesic Nature dome as our temple.


Getting to Bowen Island

Learn more about Nectar Yoga B&B


Space is limited to 11 women by application

1 space open

 All rooms are double or triple occupancy.

There are 2 spaces available to have your own bed & one Queen bed for 2 sisters to share (& receive $200 off tuition).


Not Included

  • Transportation to & from Nectar Yoga B&B
  • 1 Lunch & 1 Dinner (when we will eat in town)
  • Extra desired snacks


  • 6 Days / 5 Nights Stay at Nectar Yoga B&B
  • All Meals (except 1 lunch & 1 dinner when we will eat in town)
  • Entire Retreat Curriculum & Needed Supplies
  • Ocean Kayak Adventure



We are welcoming applications until May 18th on a first come first basis.




Tuition is in US Dollars.

Pay In Full


3 Monthly Payments Of 


5 Monthly Payments Of


I am over the Moon excited to be with you for this most epic alchemical journey together!

Love, Achintya Devi