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Avalon Samhain Mysterium ONLINE Retreat

Samhain (“sow” - “when”) is the cross-quarter High Holy Day, half-way between Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice that marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year in the Avalonian Priestess tradition.

During this time, the veils between the physical and spirit worlds are thinnest as we enter into the darkest part of the year governed by the Dark Crone Goddesses. 

We welcome you to join us in Global Sisterhood for a pilgrimage into the Otherworld with 3 Dark Goddesses of Avalon

November 6, Day 1: Cerridwen
Dark Goddess of Transfiguration

November 7, Day 2: The Morrigan
Dark Goddess of Death

November 8, Day 3: Arianrhod
Dark Goddess of Magick 

Whether you are new here or have been a part of the Goddess Rising Sisterhood in some way before, you are invited! 

Later Event: March 8