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Spirit Weavers Gathering~ Moon Session

  • Cave Junction, Oregon United States (map)

An Embrace of The Feminine Heart and Ancestral Ways, Achintya will be returning for her 4th year of teaching at Spirit Weavers Gathering, offering: 


Moon Cycle Mapping

As women, we have a magical connection with the ancient rhythms of the moon, which is reflected in our bodies and emotions.. Our cyclical nature is our divine blueprint. Sister, when you awaken to and understand your personal lunar rhythm, you begin to uncoil your powerful womb wisdom from within.
In this Skillshare, you will learn to chart your personal lunar cycle with the Moondala Map to unveil your unique lunar rhythm as a gateway to cultivating a deeper and more empowered relationship with yourself. With continual charting you will understand and discover your personal patterns mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually and psychically, attune to your fertility for conception (or not) and anchor yourself in the rhythm of your feminine power.


Yoni Crystal Pussy Power

Your pussy is holy. Your yoni is sacred. It is the inner sanctum and temple of your feminine power. In this intro to the ancient art of Vaginal Qi Gong with the Jade Egg / Yoni Crystal, you will learn safety, practical and mystical information correlating with the moon phases, the do’s and don’ts, and how to begin implementing this practice for healing, empowered self-love & pleasure and sexual energy cultivation.
As a healing and self-love practice, it can greatly assist to release past traumas in the yoni (physical & emotional) and womb health challenges (from both this life & your genetic bloodline) and open you to your innate womb sovereignty, self honouring and greater physical health.
As a sexual cultivation practice, the Yoni Eggs works to strengthen your vaginal walls, creating access to the core of your feminine power and ecstatic pleasure. With continued practice, you can then implement the techniques during lovemaking to experience the benefits of phenomenal sexual orgasm and deep spiritual intimacy and revelation.


Sacred Cyclical Sex Magic

Enter this sisterhood temple space with a love potion elixir as we circle together in a journey to reveal a path for how you can connect with your unique sex magic cycles. Based on the lunar rhythms reflected in your body, you will learn practical information to implement into your magical sexual journey and how to use the Goddess Rising Moondala Map to support you in experiencing deeper pleasure and sovereign womb power. All women are honoured in this safe space.