Glastonbury, England

Beloved Sister,

You have heard the call and felt the soul stirrings in your heart and womb space. And now, dear one, it's time.

From the well of my Heart, I am deeply honoured and joy-filled to welcome you to our intimate priestess pilgrimage to the Holy Isle of Avalon, where the masculine and feminine unite in the living temple of the Goddess. 

Sister, as you are remembering ancient feminine power, waking, reclaiming, shedding, and rising as a unique frequency of love on Earth, this sacred pilgrimage is encoded to activate and amplify your Soul's journey, Avalonian Lineage Gifts and DNA Light codes within your body temple. 

There is profound alchemy culminating within our converging sisterhood. Each woman on this journey is a mirror, bringing unique gifts, keys and reflections for the whole of our circle. In this mystical journey we shall follow the shimmering threads of Magick to reveal messages, insight and activations unique for you. Our pilgrimage is an offering to our Beloved Mother Goddess and serves to empower you as a vessel of the Sacred to catalyze the next evolution of your Divine Sovereignty, Leadership and Priestess Power.  

With Love, Achintya Devi

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The Sacred Lands of Glastonbury are doorways into the Magickal realms of Avalon...

As the Earth's energy system mirrors our own with outer representations of our inner sanctums, vortices and meridians, Avalon is both the 4th Chakra / Heart of Gaia and Her current 6th Chakra / Third Eye during this Age of Aquarius (having moved there from Jerusalem during the Age of Pisces with precession of the equinoxes). When we commune with the Earth's powerful energy in Avalon with reverence, we have available to us the blessing of deep healing, remembrance and quantum leaps of consciousness. 

Into the light and into the dark we shall go, with courage and innocence, to unite our personal experiences with the transpersonal, and rise together. Daughter of the Divine, you are Holy. You walk as the living lineage of the Goddess, of the Earth, of the Moon and Stars. As you are Awakening and embodying your Sovereign Divinity and rising in your Priestess Leadership, the full spectrum of your experiences, such as upheaval, destruction of the old, celebration, empowerment, release of guilt, shame and obligation and reclaiming of pleasure and power is welcomed. The Lady of the Lake invites you to come Home into the Magick and Mystery of this Sacred and Ancient Star Temple. 



10 Days on the Isle Of Apples during Autumn Equinox

Our unified field of sisterhood serves to amplify our experiences with Grace and Power. With mutual support and honour, we will root into the wisdom of the Avalon Lands and Waters and traverse through the Mists into the Magickal Realms of the Faery & Dragon Queens, Gods & Goddesses, Ancient Priestesses, Ladies of the Lake and Elementals. You will receive messages, insight and wisdom unique for you to embody and then share as a Flame Keeper in your home, community, work and family.


  • Blood / Red Springs of Chalice Well Gardens including private access to the Well & Gardens in morning and evening during our stay there of 5 days / 4 nights

  • 10 Day Accommodation at Chalice Well Gardens and Daisy Centre

  • Tor and Apple Orchard Walks & Meditation

  • Glastonbury Abbey, St Mary & Magdalene Chapel

  • Day Trip to Stonehenge & Avebury Ancient Stone Circles (masculine & feminine)

  • Glastonbury Goddess Temple

  • Dragon Ley Lines

  • Achintya’s Priestess Mentorship

  • Equinox Ceremony

  • Sacred White Springs Bathing

  • Celtic & Avalon Rose Priestess Teachings

  • Magick & Ritual with our Goddess Guides Brigid, Morgana, Mary Magdalane & Mother Mary

  • Solo time for nourishment, personal ritual & integrative space

  • Avalon Grail, Faery & Zodiac Mysteries

  • Sister Council, Music, Dance & Song Circle



May ~ Connection

We will gather virtually for our initial meet and greet together.

July ~ Activation

You will receive a sacred Priestess Bundle & guided instructions to create a personal ceremony to initiate with the Lady of The Lake. This creates your unique resonant frequency in relationship with Avalon and begins your Activation (or amplifies that which is already happening).

 August ~ Preparation

We shall unite as a group via Zoom for sisterhood connection & preparation, and collectively anchor our visionary intentions for our upcoming pilgrimage.  

October ~ Integration

We'll gather on Zoom for our post-pilgrimage Sister Reunion & Integration Call together.



2-3 pm Arrival
5pm Opening Circle
6:30pm DINNER

Sample Daily Rhythm

7-8am Movement Meditation some days
9:30 - 1 Mystical Curriculum
1-2:30pm  LUNCH
2:30-6pm Avalon Adventure
6:30-7:30pm DINNER
8pm Free time / Ritual & Magick 


11am Departure



Applications are currently closed.


Not Included

  • Airfare to England

  • Ground Transportation to & from Glastonbury

  • 2 lunches & 2 dinners during day trip & town exploration

  • Additional entrance fees during your free time


  • (EXTRA SPECIAL) 5 Days On-site Accommodation at Chalice Well Gardens with Exclusive Private Access to the Well & Gardens after hours

  • Priestess Bundle with Avalon Flower Essence / White & Blood Spring Water from Chalice Well

  • Pre-pilgrimage Sister Activation Call

  • 10 Nights Accommodation at Chalice Well & Daisy Centre (5 days each)

  • Entire Pilgrimage Curriculum & Needed Supplies

  • Group entrance fees to Chalice Well & Abbey

  • Day Trip to Stonehenge & Avebury

  • All Meals except 2 lunches & 2 dinners during day trip etc.

  • Post-Pilgrimage Integration Sister Call

 *IMPORTANT* We welcome sincere applicants that feel the Avalon call and can commit to the dates and financial exchange. Once your application is received and reviewed, we will connect with you by email. Thank you. 


I am honored & delighted to welcome you to Avalon and dance in the cauldron of Magick and Mystery together!

With Love, Achintya Devi