October 23 - December 6 Online

(Lunar Halllowe'en New Moon Circle 'Open House' Oct 23. Virtual, Free. Open to ALL sisters. Details below in 'Schedule')

Daughter of the Earth, Sister of the Moon
You are Wild and Sacred, Innocent and Wise
You are an Embodiment of the Infinite Goddess
You are a Woman of Beauty, Grace and Power

After 6 International Moon Goddess Retreats in Mexico, California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Greece & British Colombia, we are excited to announce that The Goddess Rising Sisterhood Mystery School is going ONLINE!


We are living during significant global shift. Reawakening of the Divine Feminine is emerging in us all. The Mystery is calling Her daughters to remember the sacred and wise ways. In sisterhood, we gather to restore the gifts of womanhood to human kind and create our destiny here on Earth. Our embodied wisdom, heart and feminine power is crucial to reclaiming balance in this time of epic cultural transformation.

Sister, let's take a sojourn into the remembrance of your wild womanly wisdom. In this 7 Week Online Sisterhood Mystery School, we will cycle with the moon as a tribe to reawaken your innate feminine gifts and activate them in your life.

This sacred journey is experiential, informative and interactive. It has been designed to re-connect you to your source of true power within and will create pathways to living your grandest potential as an empowered woman in this era of great planetary awakening.


We dive into the Mystic on The New Moon of October 23, Lunar Hallowe'en/Samhain. This is the cross-quarter day on the Wheel of the year, between equinox and solstice, signifying the time for us to descend into Earth Wisdom and to the depths of our wild and sacred feminine.

Is your wild women calling you? What does it mean to live in alignment with the moon? How do you embody the rhythm of your feminine power? What can you learn from the wisdom of your womb? Are you ready to navigate the terrain of your inner landscape with awareness and grace?

This journey is a gateway. This is an Initiation. This is a Rites Of Passage for you to to fully embody the gifts of your being.


 Reclaim your Wild. Reconnect with your Rhythm.

As women, we have a magical connection with the ancient rhythms of the moon, which is reflected in our bodies and life experience. As we re-discover, honor, demystify and embody our Lunar gifts, we rise into greater physical and spiritual health together and come home to ourselves. Our cyclical nature is our divine blueprint. Sister, when you awaken to and understand your natural rhythm, you uncoil your feminine power & wisdom.       

  • Unveil your personal cycles with presence for true self-empowerment
  • Harness your dynamic lunar energy & apply it creatively, practically, emotionally, sexually & spiritually
  • Live untamed with an awareness of your innate creative intelligence
  • Transform monthly moodiness & low energy into magic
  • Release emotional confusion & toxicity safely
  • Cultivate your body & emotional intelligence to navigate your life with clarity and grace


Get to know the unseen parts of yourself.

What is your connection with your womb? Many women feel a disconnection to this part of their body. There can often be a sense of numbness and dissonance and is often the place of buried wounds and pain. Just the word 'womb' conjures up mixed emotions, even among women. And yet, The Womb is the place of the collective creative feminine energy within us reflected by the moon and our source of true power.

  • Rise into your feminine super powers & love yourself fully
  • Reclaim your womb's creative potential and WHY this is so important NOW
  • Dismantle internalized patriarchal shackles that keep you feeling less than amazing 
  • Learn how PMS, menstrual discomforts & dis-ease can become your best friend
  • Turn womb wounding into womb wisdom & expand your capacity for pleasure
  • Ignite healing & transformation in your menstrual cycle, bloodline & ancestral lineage
  • Unleash your sensuality and sexuality free of shame, guilt or fear


Do you hear Her? She is beckoning her daughters to remember the lost ways of the sacred feminine.

The global strife, chaos, fear and confusion reflecting our collective human state of 'dis-ease' is in dire need of detoxification. As awakening women, we are at the fore front of evolutionary shift to restore planetary balance and harmony. As emissaries of the rising Goddess energy and bringers of the Dawn, when we purify our inner landscapes and take action to living our dreams, we birth new cultural paradigms on Earth for global equality and inner peace.

  • Become a chalice for Her ancient wisdom to pour forth
  • Resurrect your Priestess Self to serve as an Earth Guardian and Healer
  • Descend down into your Wild, reconnect with Nature and WHY this is needed now
  • Access both your feminine & masculine aspects within and their significance
  • Return to Ritual & rekindle your role as a Steward of the Sacred
  • Heal 'The Mother' wound & the importance of the mother/daughter relationship
  • Step into your unique Feminine Leadership & share your innate gifts


The World needs us now and we need each other more than ever!

We've been separated for too long. We are called to gather ourselves in this time of significant planetary shift. Drop the veils, heal the sister wounds and unite. Dear one, you are not alone. We are meant to do this together. In tribal culture, we used to gather regularly. In modern times we have become disconnected not only from nature, but from each other. As women, we are connected by the tides of our blood. Now is the time to shine our collective light, do our shadow work, support each other and rise into our most remarkable selves. When we honour each woman's unique gifts, we open ourselves up to the universal flow of continuous and abundant giving and receiving and shift negative societal programming. Our sisterly love is indeed changing the world.

  • Feel held & accepted in sisterhood
  • Turn competition into collaboration & creative potential
  • Remove yourself from isolation & connect in supportive community
  • Transform jealousy into celebration
  • Turn judgement into compassion & unity
  • Assist in healing the global feminine cramp


Create Your Feminine Life Design Flow Plan based on your personal cycle.

In sacred sister space, with the Moon as our guide, we will travel together exploring the unique wisdom each phase reflects to us as women and how we can apply this in our lives. This course is NOT about 'fixing' or 'perfecting' yourself. It is about having embodied experiences to catalyze your inner growth and deepen your awareness to navigate the terrain of your mystical being.   

With weekly Temple Calls, Videos, Small Groups and more, here's what we'll be diving into:


Align with the magic of each lunar phase through corresponding:

  • Rituals & Meditations
  • Yogini Practices
  • Elemental Wisdom
  • Sacred Sounds & Symbols
  • Animal Totems
  • Ancient Myths & Legends
  • Goddess Archetypes
  • Herbal & Nutritional Support
  • Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Attributes


Embody the rhythm of your feminine power by integrating & implementing this wisdom into your:

  • Daily Life & Personal Practices
  • Challenges & Growth Edges
  • Celebrations & Achievements
  • Relationships with Self & Others
  • Purpose & Leadership
  • Art & Craft 
  • Play, Pleasure & Passions
  • Sensuality & Sexuality
  • Business Plans & Profession

Week I
New Moon: Mapping Our Journey

  • New Moon Temple
  • Ritual for Releasing The Past
  • Planting Your Intentions
  • Opening to Your Creative Potential
  • Charting Your Cycle w/ the Moondala
  • 40 Day Meditation starts
  • Creating Sisterhood Alliance

Week II
Waxing Moon: Initiation

  • Waxing Moon Ritual
  • Sacred Self Sovereignty
  • Nutrition to Nourish the Female Form
  • Wild & Wise Recipes
  • Creating your Moon Goddess Basket
  • Activating Our Ideas & Heart Desires
  • Moon Sister Sanctuary

Week III
Full Moon: Radiating Wild Love

  • Full Moon Circle
  • Delighting In Your Sensual Nature
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Pleasure & Play for Hormone Health
  • Love Medicine & Spells
  • Aphrodite Beauty Rituals

Week IV
Waning Moon: Into The Mystic

  • Embodying The Dark Goddess
  • Befriending Your Moon Shadow
  • Owning Your Inner Rebelle
  • Acupressure For Moontime
  • How PMS Is Your Best Friend
  • Self-Love Blessing & Womb Vow

Week V
New Moon: Remembering The Moon Lodge

  • New Moon Circle
  • Creating Your Red Tent
  • Sacred Menstruation
  • Blood Mysteries & Earth Offerings
  • Environmentally Friendly Practices
  • Self-Care Moontime Rituals
  • Womb Wounds To Womb Wisdom

Week VI
Waxing Moon: Grow Your Dreams

  • Herbal Wisdom & Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Flower Essence Magic
  • Emotional & Body Intelligence
  • The Link Of Intuition & Healthy Boundaries
  • Wild Gardening: Plants & The Moon
  • Moon Sister Sanctuary

Week VII
Full Moon: Illumination

  • Universal Motherhood & Leadership
  • Your Heart-Core Voice
  • Healing & Blessings Of The Water
  • Crystals, Gems & Stone Magic
  • Owning Your Fertility
  • Ancient Birth Control

In Full Bloom Celebration

  • Full Moon Ritual
  • Sacred Service
  • Expressing Your Gifts
  • Goddess Rising
  • Closing Sister Share Circle
  • Culmination & Rebirth



All calls are at 9am HST - 12pm PST - 3pm EST - 8pm GMT and approx 90-120 mins

*All calls will be recorded & uploaded to our Mystery School Portal if you can't make it LIVE! We've got ya covered mama!



  • Wednesday Oct 8 - Blood Moon, Full Moon Circle 'Introduction' FREE
  • Thursday Oct 23 - FREE Lunar Hallowe'en Circle 'Open House' w/ greater Global Sisterhood
  • Saturday Oct 25 - Module 1 Mystery School
  • Thursday Oct 30 - Module 2 Mystery School


 *Wild & Wise Women in Hawai'i: Due to lack of 'Daylight Savings', from here forth call time is 10am HST 

  • Thursday Nov 6 - Module 3 Full Moon Mystery School
  • Thursday Nov 13 - Module 4 Mystery School
  • Thursday Nov 20 - Module 5 Mystery School
  • Saturday Nov 22 - Sagittarius New Moon Circle with greater Global Sisterhood
  • Saturday Nov 29 - Module 6 Mystery School


  • Thursday Dec 4 - Module 7 Mystery School
  • Saturday Dec 6 -  Full Bloom Celebration


 *Thursday October 23rd : Lunar Hallowe'en New Moon Circle 'Open House'. 9am HST - 12pm PST - 3pm EST - 8pm GMT

It's the 'Witches New Year'! Get a feel for what's to come and invite your sisters. It's Virtual & Free. We gather in the mystery of the potent solar eclipse energy on the New Moon to catalyze the rebirth of our unique expression. If you ARE on the Goddess Rising mailing list you WILL be sent the call info. If you would like to join and are NOT yet on the mailing list, sign-up below.

*Information will be sent on Tuesday Oct 21st *No need to sign-up below if you're already on the mailing list. *Registration for WWMW Mystery School is at the BOTTOM of this page & CLOSES on Oct 24th at 11:11pm PST*

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How We Are Gathering & Unique Aspects To Our Collective Journey


Temple Of The Moon

We gather in the Temple once a week for our LIVE call for approximately 90-120 minutes. This is where the magic happens. We dive into embodiment practices, moon medicine, mystical content, personal sharing & Q & A. *All calls will be recorded if you can't make it and posted the following day in our Mystery School Portal on the Goddess Rising website.


Mystery School Portal

This is where the juju lies. Our gorgeous online 'classroom' space is on the Goddess Rising website for all the content of the training. Here you will find our weekly calls recordings, video tutorials, Soul-full Home Play Practices and more. All organized and easy for you to navigate.


Heart Fire Sharing

The fire has always been a place for myth and mystery, connection and transformation. A sacred place to listen to and tell stories for learning. We'll be using a Private Facebook Group for our open Campfire Conversations. This is the space for our ongoing global sister sharing and reflection. Please offer your poetry, imagery, songs & related inspiration throughout the journey. Your creativity, interaction and voice contributes to the collective magic.

Moon Sister Sanctuary

During Weeks 2, 4 and 6 you will connect as The Triple Goddess, in small groups of 3 to deepen your learning, share together and integrate your experiences. If you register as a group of 3 (see REGISTRATION info below), that will be your Moon Sister Triad. If you register as 1 or 2, a Moon Sister group will be lovingly created for you. This is an opportunity to create lifelong connections with wild women from around the world.

40-Day Self-Designed Lunar Yoga & Womb Moon Meditation

Get ready for a juicy dose of self-love and devotion! It takes 40 Days of consistent practice to change a habit. As an integral part of your embodied wisdom, you will invoke the power of the Moon by putting  together and practicing a personalized 40-Day Meditation from a selection of several Kundalini Yoga & Meditation video tutorials in the Mystery School Portal. From balancing the moon centers, to clearing previous sexual chords to regulating the lunar cycle, we'll all be supporting each other in the light of our practices, though they will be unique to your needs and desires.

What Your Sister's Are Saying



Honoured To Be Your Guide

Achintya Devi


Sister, it is with great honour that I may serve you and be your guide as we dive into the womanly arts & moon mysteries, to explore the wilds of your feminine spirit, reconnect with your natural rhythms, and reclaim your inner wisdom.

A significant part of my life's love and purpose is creating safe and sacred space for deep connection, expression, transformation, healing, and empowerment within sisterhood connection. Through the ancient ways of the circle that teach and guide us, I honour and share my gifts as a catalyst for women to embody their true essence.

Over the last couple years I've been traveling the world facilitating 'The Moon Goddess' retreats and 'Goddess Rising' live workshops. I knew a time would come when we would unite from many points on the earth at the same time for ease of accessibility and for greater impact. That time is NOW.

I am passionately committed to living in the rhythm of my own feminine power and am continuously learning from the Goddess as She unveils herself from within me. I know what it's like to have excruciating menstrual cramps, to feel insecure, isolated, shameful, to live not fully connected with something that feels familiar lying just beneath the surface. I know what it's like to be on the path and still feel like something is missing. All that I share comes from the deepest place in my heart and over 15 years of personal inner journeying that has guided my healing, transformation, insight and embodiment.

'Wild Women Moon Wisdom' is a love offering in action devoted to you & our Mama Gaia. I believe that through our collective remembrance & embodiment of the divine feminine, we are restoring earth wisdom to a world deeply needing heart healing & bringing forth deeper connection with ourselves and each other. Sister, let's dance under the stars together and howl at the moon!


Experts in their fields with hearts of gold, these wild women sisters will be blessings you up with their gifts and wisdom. You'll receive their magic via our Mystery School Portal throughout our journey.


Joanne Ameya Cohen

Sacred Cycle Wisdom & Emotional Freedom Using Flower Essences

Luna Love

Wilderness Wisdom: Un-Taming The Nocturnal Feminine

Kaariina Saarinen

Grandmother Wisdom Of The 13 Moons

Aubrey Bamdad

We'Moon Rituals For Body Temple & Spirit

Sofiah Thom

Living Artfully: Embodied Feminine Wisdom & Expression

Jessica Quinn

Be Nutritious: Sassy Ayurvedic Self-Care For Wild Women

Lamara Heartwell

Pleasure & Power Of The Body's Intelligence

8th Luminary Sister 

Coming Soon



  • 7 Live Calls in 'The Temple of The Moon' with Achintya
  • 6 Bonus Pre-recorded Calls with Luminary Sister Guest Presenters
  • 3 Live Calls in 'Moon Sisters' Small Groups
  • 2 Live New Moon Circle Calls in Goddess Rising Global Sisterhood
  • 1 Live Full Moon Finale Celebration
  • Private Mystery School Portal on Goddess Rising Website for all audio, video & visual content
  • Private Facebook Group for 'Sisterhood Heart Fire' Interaction
  • 40 Day Womb Moon Yogini Meditation
  • 33 Page 'Wild Women Moon Wisdom' Mystery School Scrolls


You will receive what you put in to this experience. By registering, you are saying YES to devoting loving attention to yourself, to shining your glory, to being vulnerable, delving into the shadows, giving and receiving supportive energy, and rising with courage into communion with your innate feminine super powers!


Our Women's Wisdom Mystery School Is Designed For Global Sisterhood Empowerment

*ENROLLMENT CLOSES on OCT 24th at 11:11pm HST*

Let's have the magic we're creating as a global sisterhood amplify and spread like wildfire into the world! The more women who embody the rhythm of their feminine power, who live from a wise, connected and authentic place, that are lit-up, turned-on, and courageous, the more phenomenal this world will be!

Sooo... Take a few breaths and feel into your body. Who might you want to share this journey with? Bring a sister. Bring two! Gather your lady crew and let's DO this! When you register with one or two other wild women, you receive a price break. And of course, your choice to enroll as your sovereign self is JUST as welcomed!

IMPORTANT: When enrolling with another sister or two, each woman must register separately for organizational purposes. However, please enroll at the same time to help us with the administration process. Registration is below.


Join as 1 Sovereign Self - $ 390

Join as 2 'Wild Women' - $ 340

Join as 3 'The Triple Goddess' - $ 290


*REMINDER, when you enroll as a "Goddess Triad', that will be your Moon Sister Group. If you enroll as 1 or 2, a Moon Sister Group will be lovingly crafted for you. What's a Moon Sister Group? Read above under section entitled 'Format'.


Through your participation in 'Wild Women Moon Wisdom', you help to generate the empowerment of women around the globe and assist in active conservation of our Mama Earth.


Whether you are along for this journey or not, from my heart to yours, may you always feel:

  • Empowered, Confident & Receptive
  • Strong, Beautiful & Radiant
  • Sovereign in your Being
  • Connected with your Intuition
  • Reverence for your body temple & for Mother Earth
  • The magnificence of yourself and your sister's
  • Held by the universe
  • Love & Gratitude in your heart

Om Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu ~ May All Beings Be Happy And At Peace


Let's Dance Into The Wild Women Moon Mysteries Together


Remember, you can join from anywhere in the world! All live calls and material will be recorded & stored in our Mystery School Portal for you to access at anytime during the course. Upon registration completion you'll be sent a wild welcome letter with all you need to know to begin our sacred sisterhood journey!


Ladies, Please Note

Keep the mailing list button checked on the following page or you will NOT get the important and lovely updates and reminders and passwords into the Mystical Portal. Remember this!


This Mystery School Is For Women Only.