We are proud and honoured to share the upcoming events of our Moon Temple Facilitators! Please check this page each month as new events are added. We hope you find a facilitiator and event in your area. 

If you have any questions, please email us: connect@goddessrising.org at anytime.

August Moon Temple Events


Honoring the Marriage Within

with Ascentia Fox

Longmont, CO

August 20th 6-8pm


                                                                                 Goddess Rising Certified Facilitator Ascentia Fox


Please join a sweet circling of sisters for this Pre-Eclipse, Leo New Moon Temple! We will journey into the sacred marriage of our shadow and our light, honoring the equanimity of our entirety, under the fierce force influence of the lioness and her luxurious roar!

Where: The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy: 2015 Ionosphere St. #101 Longmont, CO 80504
When: Sunday, August 20th 6-8pm
Cost: $20 pre-registered, $25 at the door

Please Bring:

  • A yoga mat or blanket to sit/lay on
  • shawl
  • journal & pen
  • water for hydration


Cycles of Wisdom Moon Temple- Reclaiming Our Menstrual Cycles

with Sofia Bonilla



August 20th 7-9pm

                                      Goddess Rising Certified Facilitator Sofia Bonilla

                                      Goddess Rising Certified Facilitator Sofia Bonilla


Sisters, you're invited to remember the sacred wisdom of your Menstrual/Moon Cycle! This is ancient wisdom that most women were never taught. You already hold this knowledge in your DNA. We just need to awaken, remember & reclaim this wisdom and live our lives honoring our cycles. We are truly cyclical creatures of the wild. Connected to the seasons, moon phases & cosmos through our body Temples.

Where: Atmananda Yoga Lounge 226 E 54th Street 7th floor
When: Sunday, August 20 7-9pm
Cost: $25

Please bring:
*Journal & Pen
*Altar items you're working with
*Your big loving heart
*Come adorned as the goddess that you are