Sagittarius New Moon

"Always remember that when Dusk arrives, it already has Dawn in its womb."   ~Amma

The New Moon is in Sagittarius at 4:18am PST on November 29th.

Sagittarius is the ultimate adventurer and explorer and at this time of the dark moon, we are asked to go an adventure to explore the vastness and depths of our own darkness. Our own ego, shadow, and underworld. 

At this time of upheaval on the planet, with the current presidential elections in the United States, Standing Rock, Syria, Global Climate Destabilization and countless horrific events taking place, we are being summoned to take responsibility for our own part in the collective and use this to generate needed shift and healing for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

Our current planetary shadows have been made visible by the power of our light.  And now, can we have the courage to the point the arrow to our own selves? To the places we'd rather not focus on? 

No more can we we turn a blind eye and pretend we don't see what see. No more can we disown the shadow and ignore both our pain and our power.

This collective shadow is here, now, exposed as a blatant wound. To be seen, felt, embraced, alchemized and transmuted and freed into the Light! This is sacred work in devotion to ALL living beings. For the planet. For our ancestors. For our future generations. 



Needed items: Candle, journal & pen, shawl. If you can be somewhere in Nature, please do!

1. Light a candle. Place a shawl over your head if you like. Call upon God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Your Guides and Guardians. Ask and affirm your protection and guidance.

2. It is time to integrate the dark into the light. To see your own shadows and bring them close to you. Listen to them. Feel them. Thank them. For they are here to catalyze you into your light and free you into your glory. 

Here are the following questions you can answer in your journal or speak them out loud:

  1. How have I used my actions, words and power to create pain towards another? To myself?
  2. How have I manipulated or judged others?
  3. How have I created separation due to someone else's beliefs, skin colour, or religion?
  4. What have I suppressed, repressed, abandoned, disowned within myself?
  5. What have I  ignored and shoved under the rug, that needs to be brought to the light? 
  6. Where I am holding fear?
  7. How may I have diminished my own light?
  8. How have I been asleep in my relationship to Mother Earth?

3. After this powerful process of being with yourself in this authentic way, it's important to ask for forgiveness from your own self. And then to all people and the Earth? You can utilize the power of the traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono prayer as means to creating resolution within yourself. Repeat for 1-3 mins.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

4. Create a list or a creed of what you now choose to stand for in your life. Write this down in your journal and speak it out loud as your dream seeds, what you are intentionally choosing to be your target. Then write down 3 actions steps you can take in the next week for implementation.

5. Please share your Creed and your action steps in our FACEBOOK GROUP HERE. We look forward to witnessing and supporting you, as we rise together.

In sisterhood, we are connected in the strength of our Spirit, in the dharmic responsibility of WHY WE ARE HERE, to use the power of our hearts in service to anchor the vibration of love on Earth and catalyze awakening on the planet. To rise from the ashes and birth the living legacy we are destined to create together.

Sister, your presence is the bow and your actions is the arrow to the target of the LOVE as medicine for the Planet. 

 You were made for these times. You are prepared. You are ready. Thank you for being here. You are honoured and celebrated. 



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The power of this daily prayer happens because of your Presence. When we collectively focus our attention and direct it to our desired intentions, we create miracles. Please join us.

Love Achintya



Posted on November 28, 2016 .