HerStory Rising Sister Journal


Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Volume III

Equinox: Reclaiming the Balance of Light and Dark



Rejoicing in the Sacred Equinox Time...

Day and night are of equal length as Mother Earth takes a sacred pause in Her rotation around the Sun. Now is a time of reclaiming the Light and Dark within us, to both activate our power, love, truth & wisdom and embrace the parts of ourselves that feel challenged, fearful, suppressed, and hurt. At this powerful time on The Wheel Of The Year, we can hold all this in the center of our beings with awareness, to shed the ego and step fully into the Light of our Soul.

At this time we give thanks and honour the Goddess Ostara, also called Eostre. She is the Goddess of Fertility, with the words East and Easter derived from Her, represented by the increase of light coming from the East in Springtime. She is celebrated in her ability to support us in creating fertile ground for new creative projects, adventures, abundance, prosperity and fruitful ways of being. 

I welcome you to our Equinox Volume 3 of 'Herstory Rising', our Goddess Rising Sister Journal. This volume includes an Equinox Ritual Video. Our journal includes the unique expression, voices, and stories from our Global Sisterhood, maybe even yours. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect with one another heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world in the theme of Equinox: Reclaiming the Balance of the Light and Dark.


With Aloha, Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising Sisterhood


We welcome your voice in our Sister Journal! Next issue submissions due September 16th and published for the sacred Equinox on September 22nd.

Goddess Rising Sisterhood Equinox Ritual

with Achintya Devi from Periscope Gathering on March 19


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She Shifter

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Emma Elisabeth | Instagram: @cardinalmuse

I am the She who treads between
A veil of shadow, dancing identity
Shift to form the need less space
Complete as my heart’s old embrace

The reign of queens who rule the mists
I find a home, elapsed magnificence
I am the She who stalks the night
Fearless howl, she of solace delight
The one of many, the one of none
A face for all the blood to run

She who takes me time again
To smell the love I own within
We come to her in fragile bones
With tattered hands, skins weary soul
Her voice melancholic, her eyes to dusk
Cleansing alchemical trust

She who turns a tear of rage
Into the soil of wholesome decay
A part of song, the one we hum
She sings, allowed from old to young
I dance the dark to dance us free,
I dance my death for life to be.


Connection to Creation

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Krysta-Leigh Russell | Facebook: Krysta-Leigh Russell



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Meghan Fitzpatrick | Instagram: @megfitz186

One day I will wake up the woman I hope to be. A child of the universe, bright and turbulent. Mostly empty space and peace and full. Full of darkness and action and fire. The embodiment of all that is, ever was, ever will be. Like nothing that has ever been. Like everything that has ever been.

One day I will wake up and know I always have been and always will be this way. A jewel as precious as the multitude of bright and brilliant and shimmering jewels I see. I will know my own value as clearly as I know theirs. When I am quiet I see angels where others see the broken, wretched worst in themselves and I bless the world in exchange for the blessing of my mirror-like vision.

Perhaps you see me as I see you. As a treasure. As the whole universe clear and bright and dark and beautiful. Are there words for the beauty I see when I look at you? When I am still and silent in your presence can you see me too? Like looking into a pond that has finally gone still and seeing that deep down there is something so exquisite you wonder how you never saw it before.

One early morning perhaps we will see each other as ourselves, vibrant and clear. Like the dawn. The landscape of our souls becoming bright and clear. 


Reclamation of Power 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Catie Coon | Instagram: @spiritoftherose

Images used with permission by: GreerInezPhoto



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Sheila Kalkbrenner | Facebook: SheilalynnkArtStudio

This morning I dreamed of a memory which revealed to me much of my lifelong reasons for feeling excluded from the realm of sisterhood. It is with deep purpose and intention that today, now that I KNOW where it came from, I choose to let go of that. The truth is, I am surrounded by Abundance and Love and I am Worthy of Sisterhood.

Since a preventable medical injury left me unemployable and permanently disabled; I have been confined to a marginal existence in a life shadowed by Fear, Scarcity, and Pain. The truth is, I am Gaining Strength on My Wellness Path, Wisdom has revealed the Gifts Around Me, Nature Provides Relief.

The journey is long but, each day brings me closer to maintaining a balance between the light and the dark.  Remembering the Wise Woman Within I am able to counter the power of my Disaster Mind.  


The plants, at home in the jars on my wall, relieve pain and bring comfort with their shades of Summer through dark cold nights of the long Winter months. Too cold to go out, I sit in the gleaming crescent of moonlight circling the hard wood floor of my art studio and I know I am not alone. My Mother, “gone” these twenty-two years, is with me still.

In my moon-dreams, the people I have known visit me. They are here, too. They tell me, “All is NOT lost. Look down, these colorful pieces are YOUR pieces. You own them. Use them.”


Out loud, to an empty room I say, “Broken Hope do not fall down, For, I am an Artist. I make New Pieces.”  


Together, with the ancient, the shards, the shadows, and the light, amongst the edible weeds and the sprouting lambsquarters under glass at the windowsill; I piece together the fragments. Filling the gaps with Earthly gifts, I weave a new vessel for my heart seeds. Equal parts smooth and rough its weight is solid in my hands as I put one naked foot in front of the other on a frosty familiar path leading to the places I’ve known but, am too young to remember. Oh! But, do they call me! Whispering Wisdom on the Wind, moonlight breaking through the darkness guides me between the sheltering trees. Stars falling in flakes through the mist of my own breath glide through the moonbeams as I pass.  Still Standing, I keep walking.  


New Moon.

Fresh and Soft.

Carpet of needles warm night feet on a winding path. Heart seeds multiply. The vessel is heavy in the blackness. Threads of silver, walnut, ginger and elderberry escape as the wintry winds win. Longest Night. Piney resin, twigs, and rigid bark grip cold, broken knees against the edge of time. Under the shifting light, they hold me. Dawn’s dew-covered flickering lashes flash doe-eyed. In a rhythmic tremble of promise, Golden Light and Warm Soil for My Heart Seeds shimmer between lost Seasons’ amber broken blades at the horizon. Warm pine needle tea, vessel, heart seeds, and me; step away from the shelter of that Dark Peaceful Tree.



Black and White is Balance 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Melissa Kelly | Instagram: @be.you.ty_revolution


Sacred Desires  

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Holly McSweeney | Instagram: @hollymcsweeneyfairy


Sisterhood, Moon Time, Meditation 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Anastacia Selini | Facebook: Αναστασία Σελήνη


Shadow Defines Light 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Petra Csetneki | Facebook: Petra Csetneki

I had my first awakening phase ( or call it Kundalini awakening) 6 years ago. Then a way bigger and more catalytic one 2 years ago. Then it hit me straight, burned through all my cells neurosystem and changed my life. It does it ever since. The Raw Kali energy.
Everything started to just spin around this whole ,phenomenon' of The Goddess, intimately intertwined with Our Mother, Gaia. It sometimes scares me to death. Or, better to say, I scare myself, my power? One night In my dream a chant was playing in my ears: Black Goddess, Black Goddess..Like a mantra. In another Sphere, I experienced myself as a Fairy Being in a Forest Glowing with Light beings flooding on me and pouring their family love all in my being. Other night, I saw and experienced myself as a Demoness..I could go on and on. At the end, All these qualities are just simply us. There is no escape from this. It is our endless creativity expressing itself.

I cannot describe this, the energy, the Goddess as being something outside of me. I do feel the interconnectedness and the Rape and Pain that is happening to this day. Just remember Avatar. It is not a made up thing. That is my reality. This whole thing made me being unable to work/ exist in society for about 6 months. I lost all my jobs and about 30% of my weight and literally almost died with pain and suicidal thoughts were just flooding. But I am back again and I am using my creative energy now to spread the message, radiate, be strong, and connect with those who feel, that the Change is here, and I believe that at the present moment it is crucially important for women to get together, put down the society conditioned jealousy/evilness/competition driven programs and to start to empower each other. Do small communities, do Sisterhood Gatherings, do Ceremonies for the Earth, and most importantly: believe in the Cellular, Deepest Subconscious level that it matters. It so does. Just like every Sun Salutation counts, every prayer counts, we always add our droplet into the ocean and it is our very responsibility to keep our droplet clean to radiate our essence.
Also, it is time to release the conditioning to think that Black or Dark is bad. What? Black is Purely the colour of transformation. Dark matter is what binds and the Universe together and makes it being born, and actually the Dark matter is the Energy of the Cosmic or Galactic Goddess. That is the matter of Creation. Its the matter out of which the Spider is creating her Silky beautiful pearlish thread. So let's use it please?

After these 2 years, I am just starting to build myself up again. I am not saying it is easy. It is like as if my left brain got shut down and now I am rewiring it to be order to pull the material, physical , ,business-making-a-living' part together finally, that I was missing up until now, cause of being unable to handle the suffering and the level of injustice existing today. Feeling the cuts and holes of the collective feminine pain body is no easy thing to live with every day. We really are tied together. It is sad but also beautiful at the same time.

I found that through art, and writing I am able to express what I feel, observe, and maybe phrase a coherent message that can serve as a comfort/empowerment/ inspiration for others who are possibly going through similar processes.
For me, Magic, Yoga, Art, Earth, Goddess, Love, Life are synonyms existing in and around each other in a constantly moving kaleidoscopic dynamism. 


Goddess Garden Spring Bloom 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Shalini Breault | Facebook: Shalini Breault

Posted on March 16, 2016 .