Herstory Rising Sister Journal

Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Volume V



Blessing and welcome to the 5th publication of 'Herstory Rising', our Goddess Rising Sister Journal. This journal includes the unique expression, voices and stories from our Global Sisterhood. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world.


With Prosperous and Joy-filled Blessings, 

Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising Sisterhood

The Call of the Goddess

As We Rise In Leadership Together

with Achintya Devi Interviewed by Meredith Rom

Heart of the Magdalene

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Linzy Arnott


A message from Magdalene:

Sister, the time has come for you to remember who you are. The whole universe is inside of you. Everything you need, is already within you. Your heart, Beloved, is the size of the universe, the rose of your heart is birthed from the infinite cosmos of your ancient being. Remember this now! You came to earth at this precious moment in time to REMEMBER your Oneness with Creation, with all life, so you may shine the light of your noble heart to light the path of Remembrance. You, Sister, are more than you ever allowed yourself to imagine. You ARE the universe in motion, you ARE the Creator, you ARE and have always been whole, complete and perfect. Look into my eyes: I am you, you are me. One Heart. You are important, you have a Divine purpose: will you accept your souls calling and BE the medicine the world needs now? Follow the infinite petaled rose of love within your heart, she is your compass. I am with you always Beloved Sister, holding you in the loving embrace of our One Heart.


The Cast of Characters is Assembling

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Lauren Gibson


The Cast of Characters is Assembling.


Did you really think you came here without help?

Listen up, hear me closely.

There is something you must know In this time of great beholding.

Long, long ago there was an agreement

That there would be help.


Thousands agreed to come together for

Thousands of years of unfolding.

And you must understand that the help is here today.

You call upon angels above,

But you forget to thank the ones who appear

Right beside you each day.

You ask for assistance from the ascended masters

Forgetting that master teachers walk directly beside you In living flesh today.


For in truth,

We are all angels and divine masters.

We are the teachers and healers.

We are the earth keepers and wisdom holders.

We are the water bearers.

We are the wise ones and the seers.

We are the priestesses and the way showers.


Some have called us the Rainbow Warriors.

We signed up to join as one.

For peace to reign

For full sovereignty to remain The ultimate truth.

That darkness is nothing more than the absence of light.

So you see…


The cast of characters is assembling.

Take your place among us.

The play has already begun.


Please Remember your lines…

Please Remember your role…

Remember the play you signed up for.


But fear not, you will remember either way.

And your fellow cast of characters are here

Standing beside you Guiding the way…

Helping you remember your lines if you stutter

With stage fright.


Because being cast into light with all eyes upon you

Can be overwhelming.

But with your cast of characters beside you,

And FREE WILL to guide you,

Nothing can stop from the rising within you.


And dear ones,

I must remind you…

You have practiced, you have rehearsed SO many times before.

So, so many times before.


All you have to do is PLAY And remember your lines, remember your role.

And once again we RISE TOGETHER WHOLE.


Reluctant Warrior 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Rhianne Boa



Rising from the Sisterhood Wound 

Words Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Ioanna Margaroni

Image Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Zacharoula Theodoropoulou

There is a deep healing needed around the wound of sisterhood. At many instances women are reluctant to trust each other, they are often judgmental, and tend to be competitive out of fear that another sister can outshine them. When women overcome these fears we will be witnesses of a deep healing process. When we heal our own wounds, we will mend the sisterhood hoop, while allowing this sweet restorative energy to extend to Mother Earth.

Descending to the Underworld has been a very common theme in the myths of ancient civilizations around the world. When Goddess Inanna descended to the Underworld she had to pass through seven gates and in order to do so she was requested to remove her royal garments one by one. Seeing a symbolism in each garment, through the lens of sisterhood, makes Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year, the ideal time to shed the seven culprits of the sisterhood wound.

Gate I: To enter the first gate, Inanna had to remove the “shugurra”, the crown of the steppe. We have become very rational beings living in our heads, believing that our minds and thoughts are the most important, if not the only, tools we possess to thrive in our lives. But what about our emotions and our bodies? We have forgotten all about them and do everything we can to numb them. Our mind plays games to keep us safe, and yet so small and disconnected from everything that is life. Observing our minds is the initial step that will lead us to removing our “shugurra”, the thoughts that prevent our evolution.

Gate II: To enter the second gate, Innana removed the small lapis beads from her neck. Sisters, the time has come to express your hearts’ desires. Reach out and express your joy, your achievements, speak your doubts and your challenges. Know that you are a manifestation of the Divine Feminine and you are always held and supported both by the Great Mother and from the women around you.

Gate III: Inanna’s entrance at the third gate stripped her breast from her double strand of beads. Oh sisters, for too long have you been armoring your heart. Indeed, we have been told that we cannot trust other women, so we have shielded ourselves. We find it so hard to trust and love, not just other people and our sisters, but our own selves as well. We have drifted away from the nurturing and loving matriarchal paradigms of living. Lift the weight that burdens your heart and open it to the Divine Feminine.

Gate IV: At the fourth gate Inanna removed her breastplate called “Come man, come”. At which point did we surrender our power as women, while chasing the “ideal” appearance and way of living as dictated by a patriarchal society? We are the embodiment of the Goddess and as such, it is unimaginable that we should contort ourselves into molds of “approved” behaviors. We need to be free. We need to be authentic. We need to be strong.

Gate V: When reaching the fifth gate the Goddess’ gold ring was removed from her wrist. What strict boundaries have you set that are preventing you from sitting in circle, palm to palm? Each and every woman has a vision. And a vision is such a noble cause, but venturing on it alone is not the sisterhood way. The more women working together on a common cause, the more they raise the energy at the highest levels and pave the way to peaceful living.

Gate VI: At the sixth gate Inanna gave up her lapis measuring rod and line. The rod is an insignia of divine authority. To fully realize our divine nature, we should first be humble. Every woman is a teacher and a student at the same time. In a women’s circle we are unique, but at the same time equal. No woman can outshine another. This is a fact. And this is how we embody the Divine Feminine, by being regal as a women’s collective and serving our communities.

Gate VII: At the seventh and last gate, Inanna’s royal robe was removed from her body. Seeing the royal robe as the last veil that separates us from our deepest and truest essence, we can now dive into the darkest night of the soul. We are now ready to face the fears we have been carrying and allowing them to creep in our sisterhood. Fears can take many faces; they can whisper in our ears that we are not good enough, that we are inadequate, and we will not be liked, or will even be outcasted if we do not act according to what others expect from us.

Not any more! We are now free from constraints to celebrate our soul’s vulnerability, knowing that throughout this journey of self-discovery we are in the sacred space of sisterhood. As we ascend from the darkness within, we wear again our royal garments and we rise as the Goddess. “Inanna, the Lady Who Ascends in the Heavens is radiant!”


References: Inanna_Queen of Heaven and Earth_Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer, Wolkstein D. & Kramer S. N. (1983). ed. 1, New York: HarperCollins Publishers



Her Metamorphosis 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Linzy Arnott


She has broken open, fallen apart. Trying her best to trust the process as every cell of her being is changing, transforming. She is aware of the pain that comes with growth, but she looks to nature and sees she is not alone... The seed alone in the dark pushing up through the top soil, breaking open, unfurling to become the Rose. 

The caterpillar building its own cocoon coffin, every cell of its body transformed, a painful breaking through and becoming... at last birthing itself into a beautiful butterfly, with wings of freedom. 

Winter to spring, death and rebirth, the metaphors of nature remind her transformation is beautiful. The old self, outdated ways of being are dying, so her souls highest path can unfold before her. Her heart breaking open so new light can come through, expanding her ability to love. The ego mind of separation being loved into wholeness. Her life IS the initiation. She knows now, her breaking open is inviting her into a new kind of beautiful. 

This is Her Metamorphosis.



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Ariana Deats

Posted on December 27, 2016 .