Herstory Rising Sister Journal

Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Volume V



Blessing and welcome to the 5th publication of 'Herstory Rising', our Goddess Rising Sister Journal. This journal includes the unique expression, voices and stories from our Global Sisterhood. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world.


With Prosperous and Joy-filled Blessings, 

Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising Sisterhood

The Call of the Goddess

As We Rise In Leadership Together

with Achintya Devi Interviewed by Meredith Rom

Heart of the Magdalene

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Linzy Arnott


A message from Magdalene:

Sister, the time has come for you to remember who you are. The whole universe is inside of you. Everything you need, is already within you. Your heart, Beloved, is the size of the universe, the rose of your heart is birthed from the infinite cosmos of your ancient being. Remember this now! You came to earth at this precious moment in time to REMEMBER your Oneness with Creation, with all life, so you may shine the light of your noble heart to light the path of Remembrance. You, Sister, are more than you ever allowed yourself to imagine. You ARE the universe in motion, you ARE the Creator, you ARE and have always been whole, complete and perfect. Look into my eyes: I am you, you are me. One Heart. You are important, you have a Divine purpose: will you accept your souls calling and BE the medicine the world needs now? Follow the infinite petaled rose of love within your heart, she is your compass. I am with you always Beloved Sister, holding you in the loving embrace of our One Heart.


The Cast of Characters is Assembling

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Lauren Gibson


The Cast of Characters is Assembling.


Did you really think you came here without help?

Listen up, hear me closely.

There is something you must know In this time of great beholding.

Long, long ago there was an agreement

That there would be help.


Thousands agreed to come together for

Thousands of years of unfolding.

And you must understand that the help is here today.

You call upon angels above,

But you forget to thank the ones who appear

Right beside you each day.

You ask for assistance from the ascended masters

Forgetting that master teachers walk directly beside you In living flesh today.


For in truth,

We are all angels and divine masters.

We are the teachers and healers.

We are the earth keepers and wisdom holders.

We are the water bearers.

We are the wise ones and the seers.

We are the priestesses and the way showers.


Some have called us the Rainbow Warriors.

We signed up to join as one.

For peace to reign

For full sovereignty to remain The ultimate truth.

That darkness is nothing more than the absence of light.

So you see…


The cast of characters is assembling.

Take your place among us.

The play has already begun.


Please Remember your lines…

Please Remember your role…

Remember the play you signed up for.


But fear not, you will remember either way.

And your fellow cast of characters are here

Standing beside you Guiding the way…

Helping you remember your lines if you stutter

With stage fright.


Because being cast into light with all eyes upon you

Can be overwhelming.

But with your cast of characters beside you,

And FREE WILL to guide you,

Nothing can stop from the rising within you.


And dear ones,

I must remind you…

You have practiced, you have rehearsed SO many times before.

So, so many times before.


All you have to do is PLAY And remember your lines, remember your role.

And once again we RISE TOGETHER WHOLE.


Reluctant Warrior 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Rhianne Boa



Rising from the Sisterhood Wound 

Words Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Ioanna Margaroni

Image Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Zacharoula Theodoropoulou

There is a deep healing needed around the wound of sisterhood. At many instances women are reluctant to trust each other, they are often judgmental, and tend to be competitive out of fear that another sister can outshine them. When women overcome these fears we will be witnesses of a deep healing process. When we heal our own wounds, we will mend the sisterhood hoop, while allowing this sweet restorative energy to extend to Mother Earth.

Descending to the Underworld has been a very common theme in the myths of ancient civilizations around the world. When Goddess Inanna descended to the Underworld she had to pass through seven gates and in order to do so she was requested to remove her royal garments one by one. Seeing a symbolism in each garment, through the lens of sisterhood, makes Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year, the ideal time to shed the seven culprits of the sisterhood wound.

Gate I: To enter the first gate, Inanna had to remove the “shugurra”, the crown of the steppe. We have become very rational beings living in our heads, believing that our minds and thoughts are the most important, if not the only, tools we possess to thrive in our lives. But what about our emotions and our bodies? We have forgotten all about them and do everything we can to numb them. Our mind plays games to keep us safe, and yet so small and disconnected from everything that is life. Observing our minds is the initial step that will lead us to removing our “shugurra”, the thoughts that prevent our evolution.

Gate II: To enter the second gate, Innana removed the small lapis beads from her neck. Sisters, the time has come to express your hearts’ desires. Reach out and express your joy, your achievements, speak your doubts and your challenges. Know that you are a manifestation of the Divine Feminine and you are always held and supported both by the Great Mother and from the women around you.

Gate III: Inanna’s entrance at the third gate stripped her breast from her double strand of beads. Oh sisters, for too long have you been armoring your heart. Indeed, we have been told that we cannot trust other women, so we have shielded ourselves. We find it so hard to trust and love, not just other people and our sisters, but our own selves as well. We have drifted away from the nurturing and loving matriarchal paradigms of living. Lift the weight that burdens your heart and open it to the Divine Feminine.

Gate IV: At the fourth gate Inanna removed her breastplate called “Come man, come”. At which point did we surrender our power as women, while chasing the “ideal” appearance and way of living as dictated by a patriarchal society? We are the embodiment of the Goddess and as such, it is unimaginable that we should contort ourselves into molds of “approved” behaviors. We need to be free. We need to be authentic. We need to be strong.

Gate V: When reaching the fifth gate the Goddess’ gold ring was removed from her wrist. What strict boundaries have you set that are preventing you from sitting in circle, palm to palm? Each and every woman has a vision. And a vision is such a noble cause, but venturing on it alone is not the sisterhood way. The more women working together on a common cause, the more they raise the energy at the highest levels and pave the way to peaceful living.

Gate VI: At the sixth gate Inanna gave up her lapis measuring rod and line. The rod is an insignia of divine authority. To fully realize our divine nature, we should first be humble. Every woman is a teacher and a student at the same time. In a women’s circle we are unique, but at the same time equal. No woman can outshine another. This is a fact. And this is how we embody the Divine Feminine, by being regal as a women’s collective and serving our communities.

Gate VII: At the seventh and last gate, Inanna’s royal robe was removed from her body. Seeing the royal robe as the last veil that separates us from our deepest and truest essence, we can now dive into the darkest night of the soul. We are now ready to face the fears we have been carrying and allowing them to creep in our sisterhood. Fears can take many faces; they can whisper in our ears that we are not good enough, that we are inadequate, and we will not be liked, or will even be outcasted if we do not act according to what others expect from us.

Not any more! We are now free from constraints to celebrate our soul’s vulnerability, knowing that throughout this journey of self-discovery we are in the sacred space of sisterhood. As we ascend from the darkness within, we wear again our royal garments and we rise as the Goddess. “Inanna, the Lady Who Ascends in the Heavens is radiant!”


References: Inanna_Queen of Heaven and Earth_Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer, Wolkstein D. & Kramer S. N. (1983). ed. 1, New York: HarperCollins Publishers



Her Metamorphosis 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Linzy Arnott


She has broken open, fallen apart. Trying her best to trust the process as every cell of her being is changing, transforming. She is aware of the pain that comes with growth, but she looks to nature and sees she is not alone... The seed alone in the dark pushing up through the top soil, breaking open, unfurling to become the Rose. 

The caterpillar building its own cocoon coffin, every cell of its body transformed, a painful breaking through and becoming... at last birthing itself into a beautiful butterfly, with wings of freedom. 

Winter to spring, death and rebirth, the metaphors of nature remind her transformation is beautiful. The old self, outdated ways of being are dying, so her souls highest path can unfold before her. Her heart breaking open so new light can come through, expanding her ability to love. The ego mind of separation being loved into wholeness. Her life IS the initiation. She knows now, her breaking open is inviting her into a new kind of beautiful. 

This is Her Metamorphosis.



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Ariana Deats

Posted on December 27, 2016 .

HerStory Rising Sister Journal


Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Volume IV

Equinox: Harvest



Rejoicing in the Sacred Equinox Time...

Day and night are of equal length as Mother Earth takes a sacred pause in Her rotation around the Sun. On The Wheel of the Year, this Holy Day is celebrated as Mabon (pronouced in many different ways May-bun, May-boon, May-bawn). Mabon is considered a time of the Mysteries. It is a time to honour the Sun Gods and Goddesses, the Harvest, and the Spirit World. This sacred pause is a time of balance, to slow down and reflect, enjoy the bounty of our harvests (whether this be from your gardens, your friendships and family, your work or your personal achievements) and also to prepare for the next season by welcoming the gifts of the darkness to release, let go, give away, share and shed (whether physically, emotionally, mentally or all the above). At this time we give thanks and honour the Goddess as she moves from Mother to Crone, and the Green Man, giving gratitude for the fortitude of the Sun, as we now reap the gifts and abundance, prosperity and fruitful ways of being. 

May we harness the power of this Holy Day in our own lives and also be the needed change that the world so desperately needs at this time. May we offer to one another the bounty of love in our hearts, and offer the gifts of respect, kindness, honour and peace to all those we come across. May we do what we can to contribute our energy in gratitude to the Earth, to the Spirit World and to all of humanity. 

I welcome you to our Equinox Volume 4 of 'Herstory Rising', our Goddess Rising Sister Journal. Our journal includes the unique expression, voices, and stories from our Global Sisterhood, maybe even yours. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect with one another heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world in the theme of our Harvest Equinox.

With Aloha, Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising Sisterhood


We welcome your voice in our Sister Journal!






The Second Harvest, The Mysteries, Equality and Balance. 


Wine, cornucopia, gourds, vines, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, dried seeds, and horns of plenty. 


Acorn, ferns, grains, myrrh, honeysuckle, marigold, milkweed, passionflower, rose, sage, solomon's seal, tobacco, benzoin, and thistle. 


Breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, squash, potatoes, carrots, and onions. 


Blend of benzoin, myrrh, and sage. 





Red, orange, maroon, rust, brown, and gold.


Sapphire, lapis lazuli, and yellow agates. 

Ritual Activities

Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the forest, scattering your offerings in harvested fields, offering libations & elixirs to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over. 


Rituals and spells of protection, prosperity, harmony, balance, equality, gratitude, security, and self-confidence.


Goddesses: Modron, Morgan, Epona, Persephone, Pamona and the Muses. Gods: Mabon, Thoth, Thor, Hermes, and The Green Man. 




with Achintya Devi Interviewed by Tammra Broughton

Registration is NOW OPEN for the 4th Quarter of our Online Global Moon Sisters Temple, Oct 2 - Dec 31.

RISE IN LEADERSHIP: Woman as Warrioress, Sorceress, Empress. Enrollment CLOSES Sept 30.


Peace Through Darkness

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Vanessa Renee

 Photo by:  Jenny SF

Photo by: Jenny SF

As we enter into the Equinox we are confronted head on with life’s duality. The Equinox is a time when day and night are both equal in length around the entire world. This Equinox also marks the beginning of Autumn. Autumn is known as the time of “Harvest”, a time where you reap the benefits of all of the seeds you have planted. Harvest time often leaves us with warm fuzzy visions of pumpkin patches, corn, celebration and gorgeous earth tone sweaters. What is often left unnoticed about a Harvest is there is no growth without destruction. We take comfort in conceptually knowing there is no day without night. However when we take a look into our own personal experiences we often do not like to face the night that comes after day has passed.

The process of growth in itself is chaotic. Once a seed is planted into the ground, it must first shed its layers and push all of its inner essence outside of itself and let it mesh with the dark earth. The process of growth is transformative, scary and often times we must loose who we think we are to become who we were meant to be. If an apple seed only thought of itself as a seed, it would be terrified when its transformation starts to occur. However if the apple seed knows it must first enter the darkness to become the apple, it trusts its process no matter how dark or painful the circumstances.

We fear the darkness due to its uncertainty, taking for granted that it is this very darkness that initiates our growth. Trusting our Highest self and our Creator helps us see life from a different perspective. We are able to see that life is so intricately woven and so beautiful that even what looks like it was meant for your demise turns out to be what helps you reach your highest potential. There are certain seeds in nature that depend on the very destruction and darkness that come with a fire. The mighty Sequoia tree needs the heat from the fire to grow and regenerate! Wildfire suppression has been found to be harmful to their very existence.

If you find that you have entered a dark period in your life trust that everything is working out for your highest good. You may not be able to see the light, but just like a seed that has not yet pierced ground, do not think you are stagnant. There is no experience that is ever waisted. Use the fire and darkness in your life as a time to regenerate, reevaluate and rebuild. “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” Trust your process, your Harvest time will come.


The Gift of Everything

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Ashley Foreman

My Humble Prayer at the Feet of the Goddess

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Deanna Joy

My best amends to you

is to leave you alone

for that is all

it seems that you

want from me now.


My heart longs still

for the lilt in your voice

to see your sweet gentle smile

and the sparkle in your eyes

as you speak my name


I miss your laughter

Such music to my ears

To look into your eyes

looking back at me

as I stand before you


I leave the face of friendship

to the will of God

For only God can put

a face to how friendship

is supposed to look.


Divine Renewal 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Myriam Llano


Love Unconditional 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Chinonye


I Have Gathered Words

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Erin Nicole


I Have Gathered

I have gathered all things that I can call mine Shelter comes when I go

But what I take with me cannot be held in a sack or a weathered suitcase

It can be felt like a cup of tea Warming all that it touches and beyond

Alongside an autumnal breeze giving the ocean and me goosebumps

The ocean which no longer needs me until I return to her again

Alive Blooming I will have the strength and the patience of a flower

I will be the moon if you are the sun Rising each night

Sharing the light

Feeling your presence in a place that cannot be touched

When the leaves fall it is not the end

The tree still stands and whispers

Great things have followed great things


Moon Sister Music

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Leah Salomaa


Shadow Dancer

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Vanessa Moseley

She used to be afraid of the dark,

Until she let go of doubt.

She used to avoid silence,

Until she trusted her senses.

She used to cover her wounds,

Until she believed in her strength.

She used to suppress her authenticity,

Until she realized it was her gift.

She used to hide her tears,

Until she saw it was soul medicine.

She used to judge her body,

Until she let go of shame,

She used to ignore her truth,

Until she found herself within.

She used to relive her pain,

Until she witnessed her wisdom.

She used to live in fear,

Until she walked in balance.

She used to only love the light,

Until she danced with her shadow.


Expressions of the Feminine Embrace

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Chona Bernardo

Equinox Blessings to you all!  

And, you are invited to practice with us this season...



Woman as Warrioress, Sorceress, Empress

Oct 2 -Dec 31


The time is here for us all to take the next leap of embodying more of who we are and why we are here as sacred feminine leaders (in all our unique ways), to truly be the needed change in the world. The Warrioress, Sorceress and Empress archetypes of the Divine Feminine are calling strong now, as the awakening of their medicine and re-definition within us are needed for the planet. 

You are invited to deepen into the Moon Mysteries this season and Rise in your Leadership. In Global Sisterhood, we devote the 4th Quarter of our Moon Sister Temple to embodying the gifts, wisdom and power of the Warrioress, Sorceress & Empress.


Posted on September 22, 2016 .

HerStory Rising Sister Journal


Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Volume III

Equinox: Reclaiming the Balance of Light and Dark



Rejoicing in the Sacred Equinox Time...

Day and night are of equal length as Mother Earth takes a sacred pause in Her rotation around the Sun. Now is a time of reclaiming the Light and Dark within us, to both activate our power, love, truth & wisdom and embrace the parts of ourselves that feel challenged, fearful, suppressed, and hurt. At this powerful time on The Wheel Of The Year, we can hold all this in the center of our beings with awareness, to shed the ego and step fully into the Light of our Soul.

At this time we give thanks and honour the Goddess Ostara, also called Eostre. She is the Goddess of Fertility, with the words East and Easter derived from Her, represented by the increase of light coming from the East in Springtime. She is celebrated in her ability to support us in creating fertile ground for new creative projects, adventures, abundance, prosperity and fruitful ways of being. 

I welcome you to our Equinox Volume 3 of 'Herstory Rising', our Goddess Rising Sister Journal. This volume includes an Equinox Ritual Video. Our journal includes the unique expression, voices, and stories from our Global Sisterhood, maybe even yours. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect with one another heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world in the theme of Equinox: Reclaiming the Balance of the Light and Dark.


With Aloha, Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising Sisterhood


We welcome your voice in our Sister Journal! Next issue submissions due September 16th and published for the sacred Equinox on September 22nd.

Goddess Rising Sisterhood Equinox Ritual

with Achintya Devi from Periscope Gathering on March 19


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She Shifter

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Emma Elisabeth | Instagram: @cardinalmuse

I am the She who treads between
A veil of shadow, dancing identity
Shift to form the need less space
Complete as my heart’s old embrace

The reign of queens who rule the mists
I find a home, elapsed magnificence
I am the She who stalks the night
Fearless howl, she of solace delight
The one of many, the one of none
A face for all the blood to run

She who takes me time again
To smell the love I own within
We come to her in fragile bones
With tattered hands, skins weary soul
Her voice melancholic, her eyes to dusk
Cleansing alchemical trust

She who turns a tear of rage
Into the soil of wholesome decay
A part of song, the one we hum
She sings, allowed from old to young
I dance the dark to dance us free,
I dance my death for life to be.


Connection to Creation

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Krysta-Leigh Russell | Facebook: Krysta-Leigh Russell



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Meghan Fitzpatrick | Instagram: @megfitz186

One day I will wake up the woman I hope to be. A child of the universe, bright and turbulent. Mostly empty space and peace and full. Full of darkness and action and fire. The embodiment of all that is, ever was, ever will be. Like nothing that has ever been. Like everything that has ever been.

One day I will wake up and know I always have been and always will be this way. A jewel as precious as the multitude of bright and brilliant and shimmering jewels I see. I will know my own value as clearly as I know theirs. When I am quiet I see angels where others see the broken, wretched worst in themselves and I bless the world in exchange for the blessing of my mirror-like vision.

Perhaps you see me as I see you. As a treasure. As the whole universe clear and bright and dark and beautiful. Are there words for the beauty I see when I look at you? When I am still and silent in your presence can you see me too? Like looking into a pond that has finally gone still and seeing that deep down there is something so exquisite you wonder how you never saw it before.

One early morning perhaps we will see each other as ourselves, vibrant and clear. Like the dawn. The landscape of our souls becoming bright and clear. 


Reclamation of Power 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Catie Coon | Instagram: @spiritoftherose

Images used with permission by: GreerInezPhoto



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Sheila Kalkbrenner | Facebook: SheilalynnkArtStudio

This morning I dreamed of a memory which revealed to me much of my lifelong reasons for feeling excluded from the realm of sisterhood. It is with deep purpose and intention that today, now that I KNOW where it came from, I choose to let go of that. The truth is, I am surrounded by Abundance and Love and I am Worthy of Sisterhood.

Since a preventable medical injury left me unemployable and permanently disabled; I have been confined to a marginal existence in a life shadowed by Fear, Scarcity, and Pain. The truth is, I am Gaining Strength on My Wellness Path, Wisdom has revealed the Gifts Around Me, Nature Provides Relief.

The journey is long but, each day brings me closer to maintaining a balance between the light and the dark.  Remembering the Wise Woman Within I am able to counter the power of my Disaster Mind.  


The plants, at home in the jars on my wall, relieve pain and bring comfort with their shades of Summer through dark cold nights of the long Winter months. Too cold to go out, I sit in the gleaming crescent of moonlight circling the hard wood floor of my art studio and I know I am not alone. My Mother, “gone” these twenty-two years, is with me still.

In my moon-dreams, the people I have known visit me. They are here, too. They tell me, “All is NOT lost. Look down, these colorful pieces are YOUR pieces. You own them. Use them.”


Out loud, to an empty room I say, “Broken Hope do not fall down, For, I am an Artist. I make New Pieces.”  


Together, with the ancient, the shards, the shadows, and the light, amongst the edible weeds and the sprouting lambsquarters under glass at the windowsill; I piece together the fragments. Filling the gaps with Earthly gifts, I weave a new vessel for my heart seeds. Equal parts smooth and rough its weight is solid in my hands as I put one naked foot in front of the other on a frosty familiar path leading to the places I’ve known but, am too young to remember. Oh! But, do they call me! Whispering Wisdom on the Wind, moonlight breaking through the darkness guides me between the sheltering trees. Stars falling in flakes through the mist of my own breath glide through the moonbeams as I pass.  Still Standing, I keep walking.  


New Moon.

Fresh and Soft.

Carpet of needles warm night feet on a winding path. Heart seeds multiply. The vessel is heavy in the blackness. Threads of silver, walnut, ginger and elderberry escape as the wintry winds win. Longest Night. Piney resin, twigs, and rigid bark grip cold, broken knees against the edge of time. Under the shifting light, they hold me. Dawn’s dew-covered flickering lashes flash doe-eyed. In a rhythmic tremble of promise, Golden Light and Warm Soil for My Heart Seeds shimmer between lost Seasons’ amber broken blades at the horizon. Warm pine needle tea, vessel, heart seeds, and me; step away from the shelter of that Dark Peaceful Tree.



Black and White is Balance 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Melissa Kelly | Instagram: @be.you.ty_revolution


Sacred Desires  

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Holly McSweeney | Instagram: @hollymcsweeneyfairy


Sisterhood, Moon Time, Meditation 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Anastacia Selini | Facebook: Αναστασία Σελήνη


Shadow Defines Light 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Petra Csetneki | Facebook: Petra Csetneki

I had my first awakening phase ( or call it Kundalini awakening) 6 years ago. Then a way bigger and more catalytic one 2 years ago. Then it hit me straight, burned through all my cells neurosystem and changed my life. It does it ever since. The Raw Kali energy.
Everything started to just spin around this whole ,phenomenon' of The Goddess, intimately intertwined with Our Mother, Gaia. It sometimes scares me to death. Or, better to say, I scare myself, my power? One night In my dream a chant was playing in my ears: Black Goddess, Black Goddess..Like a mantra. In another Sphere, I experienced myself as a Fairy Being in a Forest Glowing with Light beings flooding on me and pouring their family love all in my being. Other night, I saw and experienced myself as a Demoness..I could go on and on. At the end, All these qualities are just simply us. There is no escape from this. It is our endless creativity expressing itself.

I cannot describe this, the energy, the Goddess as being something outside of me. I do feel the interconnectedness and the Rape and Pain that is happening to this day. Just remember Avatar. It is not a made up thing. That is my reality. This whole thing made me being unable to work/ exist in society for about 6 months. I lost all my jobs and about 30% of my weight and literally almost died with pain and suicidal thoughts were just flooding. But I am back again and I am using my creative energy now to spread the message, radiate, be strong, and connect with those who feel, that the Change is here, and I believe that at the present moment it is crucially important for women to get together, put down the society conditioned jealousy/evilness/competition driven programs and to start to empower each other. Do small communities, do Sisterhood Gatherings, do Ceremonies for the Earth, and most importantly: believe in the Cellular, Deepest Subconscious level that it matters. It so does. Just like every Sun Salutation counts, every prayer counts, we always add our droplet into the ocean and it is our very responsibility to keep our droplet clean to radiate our essence.
Also, it is time to release the conditioning to think that Black or Dark is bad. What? Black is Purely the colour of transformation. Dark matter is what binds and the Universe together and makes it being born, and actually the Dark matter is the Energy of the Cosmic or Galactic Goddess. That is the matter of Creation. Its the matter out of which the Spider is creating her Silky beautiful pearlish thread. So let's use it please?

After these 2 years, I am just starting to build myself up again. I am not saying it is easy. It is like as if my left brain got shut down and now I am rewiring it to be order to pull the material, physical , ,business-making-a-living' part together finally, that I was missing up until now, cause of being unable to handle the suffering and the level of injustice existing today. Feeling the cuts and holes of the collective feminine pain body is no easy thing to live with every day. We really are tied together. It is sad but also beautiful at the same time.

I found that through art, and writing I am able to express what I feel, observe, and maybe phrase a coherent message that can serve as a comfort/empowerment/ inspiration for others who are possibly going through similar processes.
For me, Magic, Yoga, Art, Earth, Goddess, Love, Life are synonyms existing in and around each other in a constantly moving kaleidoscopic dynamism. 


Goddess Garden Spring Bloom 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Shalini Breault | Facebook: Shalini Breault

Posted on March 16, 2016 .

HerStory Rising Sister Journal


Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Volume II

Lunar Imbolc: Embracing The Dark Goddess

And so we journey on...

Welcome you to Volume 2 of 'Herstory Rising', our Goddess Rising Sister Journal. This journal includes the unique expression, voices and stories from our Global Sisterhood. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect with one another heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world in the theme of Lunar Imbolc: Embracing The Dark Goddess.

With Aloha,


Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising


We welcome your voice in our Sister Journal!



Goddess Art

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Anna Lindberg | Instagram: @anna.lindberg.art


Dark Moon Warrior  

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Chris Paradox | Instagram: @chris_paradox

Dark moon warrior
The labyrinth of the night shadows
Power in the mysteries
I embrace the Full moon
With wisdom I explore as a goddess warrior
My realm seeks blood of death in this re-birth of transformation
My nature of sweet tongues
Fruitful creation of my followers
I fly with you
I explore with you
To release my fears and anxieties
I fly in this dark moon
Night as black onyx
The smell of wet dew
As I walk the raw flesh of Mother Earth
My universe, lift me up. 


Goddess Rhythm 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Nicole Rogers | Instagram: @rivers.endd

It all began with rhythm Pounding like a drum Before she came I pictured this My ancestors hum

A thousand years before me The wild wombyn came And fell into the rhythm Pounding like the rain

To hear the heart beat of Gaia Her voice so loud My body obeyed and began the journey Down into the ground

I sent each wave into her As my baby crowned I became my ancestors All their knowledge

I found In the arms of the universe We give birth to life And the pounding of the drum Guides us in the night


Navigating the Shadow

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Vanessa Mosley | Instagram: @lovegoodprana

Every Winter I take some time off from socializing so that I can reflect on my inner Self, and lurk into the much avoided Shadow lands of my soul. I start this process by acknowledging the Shadow side of my Archetypes, the negative aspects of my personality, and uncover how and why they got there so I can transmute that energy. This past year, I began my journey on Winter Solstice, and a day or two into my journey depression came over me like a sudden tsunami. This experience was unlike my prior journeys into my dark side. I felt emotional, exposed, raw, and could not stop crying. As I reflected on recurring patterns in my life and behavior, I remembered old hurts, I witnessed the pain, but this time there was no anger, just sadness and immense compassion. When I thought I was done crying, and my heart was done bleeding, all I felt I could do was cry some more. I realized then that all the old wounds I had collected growing up and through out my lifetime, I had simply placed Band-Aids over. This was my failed attempt of “dealing” with my past hurts and experiences; trying to move along as quick as I could, to move forward on my path, but all along all I was doing was adding more and more weight to all of my baggage. Never letting the wound Breathe. 

All this time, I never truly let myself “feel to heal” the old wounds. When I recalled a painful experience, I was not just remembering it, but I was re-living it. The memory worked like a sad or scary movie that stimulated my neurons to physically re-experience that past experience, instead of emotionally separating from that experience and leaving that as my past. By letting it define me and justify my patterns and actions in my life, I was letting myself live through the experience over and over again, and by not letting that memory free I was being controlled by it. I gave up on trying to control and hide my emotions from everyone, and resisting the flood of tears coming through me. I was able to experience the pain fully, I acknowledged it for what it was, forgave everyone involved, even myself, gathered the lesson learned and the strength it gave me, and finally let it go to the ethers.  

As painful as this experience was, I also understood that it was a gift, and a step towards my evolution. I know that like the seasons, this would eventually go as quick as it came upon me. And like rain, the tearful sessions began to feel cleansing. I was finally lightening my heavy load, after carrying it for so long on my shoulders. At the same time I wasn’t forgetting my past, I was simply letting go of what I couldn’t control and allowing the space for the growth I needed to finally happen. 

I won’t lie, there were moments I felt hopelessly empty, like there was no more to give, and I would never see the end of this phase. This was terrifying, I felt dead, like I had completely lost myself; and having two young kids this was definitely not a state I wanted to be in or wanted them to witness! Yet at the same time, I understood there was no more hiding.  Like the ashes left behind after a great fire, after having so much intense feelings, everything suddenly went internally quiet. I was just in the present state of mind letting the glowing embers of my Spirit kindle their glow, as I sifted through the ashes of my former self. 

One morning, I woke up to find the emptiness suddenly lifted. It seemed as though overnight I felt changed; as if in my sleep all my tears had finally mixed with the hot ashes of my soul to formulate something alchemical, new and crystalline in Nature. Like sifting the pan of dirt to find gold; I found beautiful souvenirs through all that heaviness. Unique and forgotten parts of myself that were simply waiting to be found once again. 

That is the beauty of the experience of life itself isn’t it? To find the lessons, the treasures, and Honor those true parts of Ourselves. 

There is a weightlessness that accompanies this confidence and clarity. My authentic Light was finally shining, and I felt renewed like the snake shedding its skin. My shifting of patterns was finally exposed to the world, and I glided through my days with a deeper understanding, deeper love, and deeper connection to All. 

We are molecularly designed and balanced in such a way to continuously grow and allow that light within to emit and shine like stars to guide others; it is part of our Essence.  I share this story with heartfelt compassion and understanding with you Sisters, because life is indeed full of heartache, but also full of great, mysterious beauty. I light a candle for all of my Sisters experiencing this journey, may you find the light with Patience, Love and Grace. 


Her Story of Remembrance 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Dr. Kathia Roberts | Instagram: @seasonaldoc

I was transported back in time to an era where people dwelled in caves and in fact still do. Where pilgrims and healers journey for their own healing and shamanic experiences. Where the connection with Spirit, Nature and ones ancestral linage and wisdom is palpable and undeniable. 

 The Fertility caves, known by locals as Motholeng on the boarder of Swaziland in Southern Africa. A place to be inspired, birth forth your souls creativity and be initiated in ancient ways as part of ones Priestess Path.

I welcomed the procession, and initiation as the “Songoma” the Shaman. Blessed by the healing waters and attuned by the ancient whispers of spirit.  Deep within the heart of the cave, surrounded by life stock that served as my witness and community, busman pictures depicts these ancient practices framed by the surrounding majesty and wisdom of the red mountains. I learned that this type of knowledge, knowing is not just passed on through the lineage, ancestors, a guru, teacher, books or master of some sorts, but through this re-connection with these natural sacred elements, an inner knowing, and an open heart in order to receive from Spirit.

I had to go into the darkness, the cave in order to feel and see the light and infinite possibility within the inner womb (cave) of my Devine existence. 


Embracing the Dark Goddess: A Key to Feminine Power 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Syma Kharal | Instagram: @flourishing.lotus

It is so beautiful to live in a time where the Goddess is rising, as women everywhere are heeding the sacred inner call to recover and reclaim their sacred feminine gifts. Awakening divine beauty, sensuality, receptivity, creativity and prosperity by connecting with goddesses like Aphrodite, Yemanya and Lakshmi is essential to our flourishing as women.

However, it is just as vital to honor and cultivate the bold, mysterious and fearless aspects of ourselves, represented by goddesses like Persephone, Hecate and Kali. Because, like us women, the Goddess is a lot more complex, multidimensional and multifaceted: She gracefully and unapologetically embodies both light and dark, and invites us to do the same. 

Her wisdom teaches us that only through facing and embracing all of ourselves can we truly find our way back to wholeness, freedom and full feminine empowerment. 

In fact, the goddesses who are unafraid to face the shadows of the unknown are the very ones with the power to fiercely take us through our greatest transformations. In my experience, working with these goddesses both personally and professionally always leads to the greatest breakthroughs after the harshest breakdowns. 

As we invoke the Goddess in all her aspects to heal, bless and uplift our lives, here is how embracing the dark goddesses can empower us during trying times: 


Delve into the Underworld with Persephone

Dividing half the year between her earth-goddess mother Demeter during spring and summer, and guiding souls in the afterlife during fall and winter as wife of Hades and queen of the underworld, Greek goddess Persephone effortlessly navigates light and dark in perfect balance. She reminds us that no matter how bountiful or barren, there is grace to be found in all seasons and times. 

When we descend into a period of winter in our lives, she invites us to be unafraid to delve into the darkest recesses of our unconscious selves, our own inner “underworld.” She shows us that no matter how harshly we are forced into facing the unknown (most tales tell of her abduction, rape and forced marriage with Hades before her rise to beloved wife and queen), that we can transcend victimhood and become victorious. 

To draw on Persephone's grace and resilience in our lives, we must allow ourselves to face the deepest depths of our pains and fears, for the greatest healing happens when we are willing to experience our feelings at full force. As we embrace all lost ghosts within, we are then blessed with the ability to guide them back to the light. We set ourselves free to ascend into a new season and start again, as Persephone does each spring. 


Find Your Sacred Path with Hecate

Pre-Hellenistic goddess Hecate carries her lit torch to guide us through dark and mysterious places, inviting us to uncover our own inner magic, power and light to illuminate our paths. 

This three-headed goddess helps us harness the lesson of the past, the opportunity in the present, and the best choice for our future. Even as she is queen of the dark, guardian of crossroads, traveler between realms, keeper of spells and sacred mysteries and protectress of women and witches, her name actually means “the luminous and shining one.” 

Hecate shows us that by gaining fearless dominion over all that is dark and hidden, we become enlightened by ultimate truth. We access the inner wisdom, power and clarity to navigate tricky and treacherous roads, and can glide forward on the best possible path as gracefully and masterfully as Hecate does. 


Destroy the Old and Create Anew with Kali

While Persephone and Hecate are goddesses we can invoke during dark times, Hindu goddess Kali's signature style is to blast into our lives whether or not we are ready for her. In fact, it's usually when we are at our most comfortable and complacent that she tornadoes into our life to turn everything upside down. She shakes us to our very core, that we may realize the frail and faulty foundation we were standing on. And then, as we mourn the ashes left by her destruction of the old, she lovingly forces us to create anew. 

Springing from the center of warrior-mother goddess Durga's forehead to obliterate an un-defeatable demon, Kali is the fierce focus and will required to defeat our most self-sabotaging patterns and our own un-yeilding demons. 

It's the part of us that says a big, bold, badass ENOUGH! to disempowering patterns after all our patience has been tested. It's the courage we get that feels almost out-of-body when we take an abrupt, firm stand for ourselves and finally quit the toxic job, leave that unhealthy relationship or free oursleves from addiction. 

Kali is the part of us that will push us beyond our limits, right into our darkest fears, and then show us that instead of falling and crashing, we had the power the fly and flourish all along. 

It takes courage and tenacity to embrace Kali, Persephone and Hecate when it's so much more fun to play with the soft, sensual and sweet side of the sacred feminine. Yet, during our dark nights of the soul, there is no greater ally than the dark Goddess Herself to guide us back to light. That is why we must seek to embody all aspects of the Goddess if we are to rise up as full, living goddesses ourselves.


Well Ritual 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Elisha Halpin | Instagram: @thedancingpilgrims


Oracle of the Murky Seas 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Laura Carmody | Instagram: @laura_laflora

Feel Her darkness,
Raindrops of moonstone,
Protectress of the black night.

Her call is quite frightening,
Yet comfortable…
An oracle from your very depths.

Through your shadow,
She beckons to you,
A plea to remember the sea.

The waves all envelop me,
Tossing through the currents,
Float into the depths & feel the abyss.

Ever am I searching,
Treading murky waters,
Delving into the pain, the hurt, the shame.

7 days I’ve spent at sea,
Flowing with the ebbing tides,
Now ashore an island I remember a Light.

Feel Her calmness,
Stillness while in motion,
Like water over a smooth rock.

Petals unfolding,
Universes unraveling,
Soft shapes of the forest floor.

Free Her from your burdened mind,
From your dream.

Return us both to the moss & trees.


All Knowing, All Loving Sweet Creator

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Kerry Barley | Instagram: @KerryElizabethBarley

 Image by Goddess Rising Sister Maude Barley. Used with permission.

Image by Goddess Rising Sister Maude Barley. Used with permission.

Let our Infinite Souls create a new humanity.
Let our feet walk more in your direction-embracing both our shadows and sparks inside us.
Let us know and live in tune with the universe that is responding to the vibrational attitude that we emit.
Oh, Great Spirit, flow through us, create unified consciousness deep within our souls.
We thank you for the present moment and for the many blessing you have shown us.
Let us live knowing less can be more and slow can be fast.
Let us follow your will and take time for our breath...
Our Innerspace Gallery.
Let us live with intention and put healthy into get healthy out.
Let our thoughts harmonize with the Source within as we continue to recognize that power is in the choices we make each day. 


An Open Apology to My Mother: A Healing Manifesto

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Elsie Lopez 


i'm sorry that i'm not a regular person.

i'm sorry that i don't know what a regular person is. or that i'm not afraid of what they are afraid of.

i am sorry that we can no longer agree on going to church or what dignity means for a woman.

i apologize for the many times i heard you cry and never comforted you///


i know what it feels like to be alone or to know your father is alive but feel him absent.

i know why you need god to be a man and not a woman. i see the form of the protection you seek and the love you crave.

i apologize in advance because who i am becoming, what will set you free, goes against everything you believe. 


Birth of a Goddess

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Shona Jones-Banfield | Instagram: @shokeepitreal

I am angry, enraged, raw
Alone, lost, forgotten
Disgusted beyond belief
Adrift, empty, hollow
Unnatural, a freak of nature
Broken, ruined
Destructive, in turmoil.
Anger courses through my veins. My blood is replaced with gasoline.
I am spent. I can’t carry on like this anymore.
This life is done.
I rip through my life shredding every aspect, work, home, family, material possessions.
My life, my so called life, is a heap of rumble, bits and bits, a pyre built.
The breath of fire escapes my lips. I have no control over the flow.
My life
Quickly engulfed
Now smoldering
A heap of ashes
The shock!
I scream a loud, long guttural cry of an enraged mad woman.
The trees quiver.
The birds are silenced.
I stoke the embers, a false hope to bring my life back.
A lone eagle watches the dismay.
I roll, claw, thrash about, dirty, ash and tear stained face.
I mourn the remains of my life, never wanted.
She comes, mocks me, laughing, dancing, and jesting.
She grabs me by my hair as I desperately try to hold the last ember.
She drags harder and unceremoniously hurls me into the pristine waters.
I plummet deeper and deeper.
Time speeds up, and then slows down. I lose track of time.
I am new,
Naked and afraid,
With nothing but my breath and the feet beneath me.
A breath, a step
A breath, a step
A breath, a step
A new life begins.
The eagle’s watch comes to an end.
She soars high.
Kali Ma undulates.
The battle won.
A new goddess emerges.


All is Well When All is Done

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Emma Elizabeth | Instagram: @cardinalmuse

How do I know?

How do I know, that this time is the last?

I know by way of movement.
Stillness as a precursor to a half finished
Attempt at fixing what was never
Broken, merely twirled around once
Again at last.

We got dizzy.

Funny, how, I never noticed until
The circle stopped spinning,
Producing a web of neatly plaited knots
Tangled in harmony, twisted with
A love of unraveling.

A weaver’s game, you say,
Won by the gentlest of fingers.
And somehow, it was always you
Patient to finish the task of
Undoing the crisscrossed pattern that
Managed to find me captivated,

A weaver’s game, I say,
One until I am to pick apart
The work of a master, perfected
On a crafter’s spool,
On a whim undone,
Gaping, open.

You say, it is only the cycle.
That our web was spun of corn silk
And of ancient fibers, long passed
A ripening of use.

How easy it must be to declare,
Of the one who chose to step off
Flushed, hands raw, fingers stained.

Forgive me.
I did not know that a circle had an ending. 


Goddesses Rhythm 

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Nicole Leigh | Instagram: @rivers.endd

It all began with rhythm
Pounding like a drum
Before she came I pictured this
My ancestors hum

A thousand years before me
The wild wombyn came
And fell into the rhythm
Pounding like the rain

To hear the heart beat of Gaia
Her voice so loud
My body obeyed and began the journey
Down into the ground

I sent each wave into her
As my baby crowned
I became my ancestors
All their knowledge I found

In the arms of the universe
We give birth to life
And the pounding of the drum
Guides us in the night



The Faces of Failure

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Adriana Rizzolo | Instagram: @artofloving

 Image by Goddess Rising Sister, Meg Shumaker

Image by Goddess Rising Sister, Meg Shumaker

i don't know about you but i can be the best woman to be around as long as i am remembering who i am and where i am headed. up until now, any hint of rejection, failure, hurt or abandon and i can go blind complaining and talking hurtful smack (to myself or others) ripping and tearing everything around to shreds. i've always needed to feel insanely loved and free to be ok and yet placed myself in situations that did not reflect this desire. sound familiar at all?

the thing we often forget to talk about while going along beating our own drums and trying to be good at life, is the messiness and how life is always giving us an opportunity to see it, heal it, clean it up to experience greater love. we ignore and avoid the inevitable failures of being a woman, a man, or a tribe that is on the road to nowhere in particular but keeps going everywhere awesome.

but how do we trust our hearts after they have been broken so many times? after each time we mustered the strength to leap and time and time again, along with the amazing experience of flying, we've fallen. not only fallen but crashed. i can't believe sometimes that my bones are all still intact. how can we honor that whisper that has gotten us into so much trouble? how does one stay wild and free and trust her next step, when so many times, along with the profound liberation, those movements also brought intense pain.

we all have...many faces. and naturally most people (including ourselves) like some of them, more than others. accept and celebrate some wholeheartedly and reject others with all our might. the thing is although some of them reflect our highest truth and love perhaps, they are all a part of the big Love. even the darkness, even the failure.

our darkness is what leads us to our light. and our light is what empowers us to be fearless of the dark. can your heart feel the pain and remember the freedom that it is really all about?

almost every day for over a year now, I have woken up in debilitating fear. worries of the future, regrets from the past. oh good lord and the mysterious, insurmountable feelings of failure. it has trapped me many times. i have the tools now to not believe my mind, and connect into what is true. i know that we revisit past hurts because we can heal them with the love we have grown to know. in theory , yes I know all of that. and oftentimes, it works! for the record, all the hard work does pay off.

some mornings i lie still as can be under my soft fuzzy blankets and just pray, squeeze tight and release into the arms of Grace wrapped around me. but there were many nights i fell asleep with a Matt Kahn talk on youtube (he has no idea how many times we've slept together), his reassuring enlightenment illuminating my own heart just enough to feel ok about getting some rest.

lately i wake up and choose to step into my power on purpose. when we can touch our worth even a little bit, and have gotten a lick or a big gulp of our purpose, or even just the burning desire to know it better, we can choose to step into our power on purpose. most of us don't even know what it feels like to be in our power until we decide it's important. and then magically, just like that we begin to feel it. nurture and honor it.

the truth is, i've never safe or loved to just be who i was, or feel what i was feeling. growing up i heard everyone saying they loved me, but I never felt it. who really knew what hearts were for besides breaking in the early 80s anyway? feeling safe and loved early on became the motivation for everything i did.

i never knew what true love was until i went to India some years ago on pilgrimage and began to get a taste for something i would quickly become crazy for. unconditional love.

the thing about unconditional love is that it's always there, right where you are, but seems rare for most of us to always experience ourselves as it. maybe that's why it's so attractive to us. we were taught that not everything, not all parts get to be loved. only the ones that someone else wants to accept.

imagine how wild you could be inside if you felt all parts seen and loved. even the dark little nasty, ones you think are so ugly. and then feel shame about feeling ugly. it all piles up like dirty laundry on the floor. how good does it feel to do your laundry? maybe not at first, you kind of forget during but when it's done WHEW! thank god you decided to do it!

as conscious women, we long to get closer to ourselves, to each other, and to the people that we love. you're not dirty or worng because of the sexual experiences you've been through. you're not bad because there are still parts in your that want to be loved. if you ask me, healing shame is the doorway to fearlessly sharing your awakening heart, living a powerful creative life and sense of purpose in your body, and cultivating the willingness to serve as the phenomenal woman you are on this earth. the truth is, we need you.

i ask women to tell me something about themselves that they love, something they hate or feel ashamed about, or to simply tell me a story about them that I don't know, and as I sit and listen with my heart we begin to move into a new space and time. i love to do this.

we pray, open our voices and bodies together to be closer, to heal and remember the good, the deeper purpose in what we've experienced. what we are going through now connects to something in the past, and one way to keep stepping forward is to revisit scary places in the arms and heart of someone and something who loves you unconditionally. this gives you the courage to remember how far you have come. do this with someone you trust, do this with a tree, and you will see! you can come back again into your place of wisdom and trust.

and so what if i have had a habit of being mean when i got scared. or that i continue to create a life of what seemed to be mistakes and failures. so what if it's all in the name of love an service, learning and all a part of stepping into my power on purpose.

secretly i know that the sweetness of my lips can make up for the mistakes of a million women and so i'll keep on kissing life in the mornings and with every moment, every chance that i get.


Dancing with Shadows

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Kristen Lagos | Instagram: @lagoslunalove


She Doesn't Want Your Dirt. She Wants Your Dirt.

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Dawn Champine | Instagram: @goddessdiaries8

I once read about an ancient custom called Hecate's Deipnon. Deipnon means "feast", but as a practice in ancient Greece, devotees of Hecate would spend the dark moon day cleaning their homes, sweeping floors, purging leftover foods that were about to spoil, brushing cobwebs from corners. This garbage would then be gathered up and arranged on a platter as an offering to the Goddess and because her sacred places were three way crossroads, or where land met water and air, (i.e. the places in-between) Her devotees would leave these offerings there. Desperate to find a Goddess I could connect with, I decided to give it a try. For a Dark Goddess custom, it felt safe enough. "What did i have to lose, anyway?"

I finished my morning tea and got to work. I cleaned piss stains off the side of the toilet and around the floor. I scrubbed soap scum off the sides of the bath tub and the toothpaste crust from the bathroom sink. I sprayed down mirrors, swept and mopped. I cleaned the fridge, tossed old food into a bag and then scrubbed down the shelves. I tidied the living room, folded laundry and for a good 12 hours that dark moon day, I spent devotional time in service to my family and the Goddess Hecate. All the dirt I'd collected was then carefully displayed on a platter.

Later that evening, I loaded up the car. I didn't know of any three way crossroads nearby, but a recent hike in nearby found me stumbling upon stream with towering basalt rocks high above it. I decided that it was close enough of a drive without my family missing me, and far enough away that it felt special. When I found the place again, I pulled over trying to hide my car in the bushes. No one would drive by, but it still felt like I needed to stay under cover. The skies were as black as the inside of a pinhole camera, with pricks of light shining through. I had to sit for a moment in the darkness to let my eyes adjust. I was a little scared, the air had a charge in it and I could feel the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stand to attention.

I took the platter of garbage out of the car and began to walk toward the basalt rocks that jutted out of the water. Sandy soil crumbled beneath my feet and I slid down the ditch bank, barely able to save the offering from flying everywhere as I caught myself on a flat rock and returned to balance. At that point, I decided to just sit there in the dark, on the rock, and carefully lay out the offerings before me. The night air was warm and a gentle breeze carried the scent of desert sage brush. I heard the water trickling down below in the stream. It was the blackest night I'd ever experienced, but my eyes were adjusting and I was beginning to see my way around. I took out my candles and placed them in a circle around the platter, just like I remembered from the article I read online.

I have to admit, it seemed strange that She'd want my garbage. Why? What would She do with it, anyway? Most goddesses I read about required elaborate offerings, gorgeous platters of fruit and honey, crystals laid out in a beautiful grid, perfumed incense and flowers. But tonight, I was bringing forth my dirt.

I lit the match and carefully ignited the candles. They illuminated the platter of rotted food, dirt and cobwebs. At least in this glow, it looked kind of pretty.

I didn't know what to do next, so I silently sat in lotus position. The water trickled below and a breeze kicked up. I opened my eyes and felt transported into the betwixt. Neither here, nor there. A time outside of time. A place outside of a place.

Off in the distance, I heard a howl.

It was Her.

"Give me your dirt, Child." I heard Her whisper.

Looking down at the illuminated platter of garbage, I finally understood...She doesn't want my garbage! She wants my dirt!

My stomach dropped with anxiety and a deep, primordial knowing. It was time to give Her what I came here for. My throat tightened, tears welled up in my eyes and snot started dripping down my nose. I whispered into the darkness my most haunting secrets, the lies, the limiting beliefs, my frustrations. I gave it all up, confessing everything over that plate of putridness. Nothing was too dark or dirty for Her in this moment. I could see, in my mind's eye, the energy of the words falling from my mouth onto the platter like fruit and cheese. And then, when it felt I had reached the dregs of my soul and had no more to say, I returned to silence.

An eternity passed. The air thickened with the scent of sage. The hound's howl was closer, perhaps across the stream. I looked up and nocturnal eyes flashing in the distance. Her hounds had come to retrieve my offerings.

I nudged the platter forward and got up to leave. I walked to the car without looking back. And so goes the story of my initiation as a Daughter of the Dark.


The Jolt that Awakened Me

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Britt Johnson | Instagram: @youarevenus

The soul inside me called, "Are you listening beautiful spirit, the one that lives inside that magnificent body of flesh?
Are you ready to jump across the fire, stand in your presence and claim your existence?"
I woke up daily, uncomfortable with the man that lay cold next to me.
I screamed to the Universe, take me home!
He didn't see me.
I didn't see me.
And the power that was contained in my bones, it was dormant for so long that I felt like it had burnt out.
I craved a life of freedom, wholeness and divine purpose.
I craved a life I would be honored and seen fully.
One where my truth spilled from my mouth with flow and divinity.
Miserable with my self defeating talks, scared towards change and the unknowing future.
I slept in my pain, I woke up in my pain and I manifested illness.
I knew something was wrong, I knew I let my pain take over my body.
I felt the a jolt of energy expand me, my third eye busted open, and love cascaded from the base of my spine to the crown of my head.
I had awoken.
My throat Chakra was taken over by cancerous cells.
Shaking me awake, moving me towards consciousnesses, drifting me slowly and steadily like the sea towards my power.
I was jolted.
I turned to spirit and let light embrace me. I knew I was going to be okay, but I needed to take the dive into the unknown.
I embraced the current of change, took a few heart-centered breathes, and I dove into the light of the Universe.
I left my relationship, became a single mother to my crystal child, embraced the Universes timing, and I found a home I now feel whole within.
The leap can be felt with gut wrenching uncertainty, or unwavering bliss towards growth, either one is a choice
I would feel the pain 100 times more, knowing the outcome I now feel within my experience.
It is within the pain we rise.
I bow to the cancer that took home in my throat. I bow to the tears of pain in which I allowed to cloud my vision.
I bow to the teachers who I felt wronged by.
Within my darkest hours, I was given the opportunity to see my light within more clearly.
The jolt that awakened me was the jolt that saved me.
Namaste, Britt Johnson


Divine Love

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Catherine Astreya Rose | Instagram: @spiritoftherose

As I journey through life I conduct myself with the most love possible. May each and every breath I breathe in, every breath I breathe out, every thought that arises, every word that I speak, every step that I take be rooted in the deepest soils of Divine Love.

May I breathe love in and breathe love out and all of my shared words have seeds planted in the sweetest soils of love.

May this rich soil grow into the deepest layers of my heart, the deepest layers of my being, may it be fertile grounds for every action I take, relationship I encounter and circumstance that may arise to blossom and arise from the sweet roots of rich Divine Love. 


Luna Love

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Shalini Breault | Web: swangoddess.com

To My Luminous Luna Sister,

On this day of the Dark or New Moon, you are up above looking down on me even if I can't see you. I feel your luminous, refreshing light, love and energy shining over and around me.

It's in my renewed belief that I can start a new project or new chapter in my life - a clean slate if I so choose. Not being able to see you clearly on this day reminds me of my unlimited potential you have to offer me. I can imagine, dream and manifest anything I desire.

You provide this wonderful reminder and opportunity each month to help me stay centered and focused on my path of life. My journey begins and ends with you, my Celestial Sister.

Shine bright!

With Celestial Love and Blessings, Your Sun Sister


The Star

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Tiffany Echo Wolf| Instagram: @lostsugardisco

 Photography: Tifani TrueLove    

Photography: Tifani TrueLove


We welcome your voice in our Sister Journal!






Posted on February 4, 2016 .


Voices From The Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Issue 1. Solstice. Rebirth, Rituals & Celebration

And so it begins...

Blessed Solstice and welcome to the very first publication of 'Herstory Rising', our new Goddess Rising Sister Journal. This journal includes the unique expression, voices and stories from our Global Sisterhood. It has been created in dedication to the to the Rise of the Divine Feminine that is taking place in each woman on the planet and the importance for our voices to be spoken and heard with support and celebration. This is for you, dear one, for our worldwide womb web. To connect heart to heart, from moon to moon. To inspire and be inspired. 

It is my joy and honour to welcome you to explore the art, the beauty and the self-expression of our sisters from around the world. In the theme of Solstice: Rebirth, Rituals & Celebration.  

We welcome your voice in our Sister Journal1

Blessings unto you as we Rise Together! 


With Aloha, Achintya Devi

Founder, Goddess Rising

NEXT HERSTORY RISING PUBLISH DATE: For Lunar Imbolc, February 4th, 2016.


Movement in Time

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Morgiane Hamadou   Instagram: @essenceofmine

Freestyle is my favourite state of being. I also like to call it Free Flowing. Inspired living. The way I created this solo piece is the same way I create and re-create myself everyday: I die and I am reborn. It is essential to my growth, because holding onto layers of myself with deep attachment would prevent the shedding of my skins. I have struggled with this for a long time, but I come to the conclusion that I am not a defined and linear being : so it is okay to be someone new everyday, letting go of the old and welcoming the new. I expand in infinite ways.


My Womb Holds My Rebirth

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Sofia Bonilla   Instagram: @daughter.of.the.elements

My Womb; she is the darkest dark, comfortable and warm.

I am loved by her.

Here I give birth, to my new self, to my true self, here I give birth to life, here I hold life.

Here lies the deep mystery of the unknown, the untouched, she holds the mystery of life.

And only when I re-awaken, and only when I step into the occult it is revealed; the understanding of the cycles, the knowing of the cosmos, her ebb and flow, her life, death, rebirth, transcendence.

Here, in me, lies the gate, the portal, to the infinite, here in me the tunnel awaits for my footsteps to cross over and feel, to discover the light, the purest light, that resides in my darkest dark. And so, I rebirth myself.



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Ascentia Fox   Instagram: Web:: www.missascentia.com


We Women Are the Creators

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Dori Deer Instagram: @dorideer

As the weeks go by, I wonder where these years went. How can so much happen in such short period of time? Am I dreaming?

Two years ago I learned that I was expecting my first child. The thought of birth completely terrified me. To be honest, nothing scared me with such power before as the act of birthing a human being through the body. People always talk about break ups or divorces, illness, or death; for me it was always birth as the scariest enemy. 

But as Noah grew inside my womb, so did my confidence. I embraced the transformation from Maiden to Mother. Through different birth preparation classes, reading, yoga practice, meditation, tarot readings, hikes with my lover, and other activities that inspired me to search within and awaken my spirituality - I was able to synchronize a deep spiritual awakening with the rhythm of my body changing as I was creating a little human.

When the day came, I did my part of the work. I accepted my body as the portal of bringing a precious soul into this world, and bowed in front of Great Spirit for blessing me with and helping me through this special journey. 

I had not experienced anything like the impact of birth before or ever since. Something magical happens just before baby arrives. When you finally let go and are able to surrender, there is nowhere else to go. Nowhere else to hide. You cannot pause the moment, or make it stop. Spirit is coming through you in every possible way, and your work is to let your mind go to a place where it wouldn't be able to in everyday reality. You see nothing and everything at the same time. You see God. A God that can only be described as feelings and colors. You give in. For a moment you understand what it means to be nothing, yet you are everything. You are the most important being in this universe in this moment, doing the work nobody else could do as perfectly as you: you are giving birth to a being. 

What becoming a mother and giving birth to my child brought into my life was absolutely unexpected: I was whole. I had arrived. I was in search of something more my entire life, and then and there, finally I understood: We Women are the Creators. We are the womb, the vessel, the portal, the heart, and the force which brings life into being. 

Now the power of a Creator comes with grand responsibility, and the sooner we realize this girl power, the further our magic will reach. To some, knowing and embracing this gift becomes a realization much earlier in their life. For some it does not require the experience of childbirth at all, but for me it did. This soul in this lifetime had to have this moment of truth to fully step onto her path which is: WE ARE ALL ONE. Those long hours of labor brought visions full of light and connectedness, pulling me and tearing me apart in body and soul. Gentle hands came and grabbed me from the heavens and from beneath the earth. What an extraordinary out of body experience through such a natural and biological way! Each and every move and sound I made felt ancient. I was remembering. “I have been here before.”

Our oneness is so profound, Sister.

I saw myself through the eyes of my midwife and the nurse. I heard the voices of a thousand women singing with me as I entered and walked the labyrinth. What a historical moment to witness. What an honor to step into this role of the woman, to walk the same path as so many before me. What a blessing to be born with the gift of something I did not even have to learn, but that is coded within my entire being. 

The magic lies within us, Sister. We are the nurturers of the universe. Together we are the Goddess. 

Our own individual ways in this world are important to hold the perfect balance within the power of the Goddess. We need each of us to be able to learn and evolve with the rhythm of Mother Earth. Our stories are unique, so we can be inspiration and support for others in time of need. Each of our colors were meant to honor our Mother, and are an important aspect of the Goddess. We were meant to be different, so we could serve each other through our lives, reminding each other of our strength and beauty, being infinite mirrors through infinite lifetimes. 

I bow to you now, Sister. You hold everything you need to know within your womb. Ancient wisdom pulsates through you when you bleed the red of the Goddess. Let these words be an inspiration for you to go out into the world and watch it flow through your eyes as they do mine, or any other sister’s. If you are still searching, walking your path, or have arrived; these words are here to serve as a reminder of something you already know, since this knowledge was born with you. Birthed into this world by your mother, carried in the womb of your grandmother. Do you see Sister how deeply embedded in each other we are? 

I am of You. You are of me. Together we are the Goddess. 


The Call

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Emma Elizabeth Instagram: @cardinalmuse

 Image Credit: Lindsey Erin Luna

Image Credit: Lindsey Erin Luna

Why are you bleeding, my love?

I am bleeding for the aches of
My mothers past, Memorializing
The buried in scars protruding to
Etch the lines on her face

Into form.

I am bleeding for the loss
Of my ownership to the new
Ways of being, ways I am told
Are not remembered.

Our, long forgotten.

I bleed for the learning of Histories
Unwanted, unknown to the majority
Of young girls confused and conflicted
They are blinded by fear of such strength

Of her own.

I am bleeding for a garden of hearts
That shed into the moons darkness
Moving to see that the curse of
A mother I once held close
Would only bring me to blood.

I have forgiven.

Today I bleed for me,
I bleed for her
And I bleed for us all.

I am bleeding for the future,
For my daughters who will
One day look upon my mangled
Skin and choose instead to run
Their ageless fingers with one stroke,

Staining, streaking a cheek
Of crimson power.

~ The Call.  


Join us in our Online Moon Sisters Temple For Spring Quarter


Our Online Moon Sisters Temple is the new virtual home temple space for our worldwide community. We welcome you to join us in this sacred space to activate and empower your wild sacred feminine in Global Sisterhood in rhythm with the cycles of the moon. As La Luna mirrors our own waxing and waning, we gather to rise into our full potential, deepen into our hearts and wombs, nourish our personal lives, receive guidance from nature’s living wisdom, embody the power of the Goddess and cultivate meaningful relations with each other as sisters of the moon.


A Poem of Re-Entry

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Monica Everett   Web: www.untamedabundance.com

From the Skies I receive you,
Waning, Nearly New Moon.
Blessed with one last night of light before you go dark.
In the skies I am introduced to
The Dark Feminine of the Air
The Great Force of the Mother in the Void
Shaking, Violently
The lights on the Wings Illuminating--the Sea? The Clouds?
I cannot tell, and I release the need to know.
No need to fear,
Actually, as I see the Mystery for what She is, all anxiety falls away
As my muscles relax into presence.
I am in the Void
Amidst the Great One
the Grandmother Medicine of the Air
Even here, thousands of feet above the ground,
The Earth Mother makes her presence known.
I release, and am held by what the Pilot calls turbulence, and I call
Mother's Arms.
The Curve of Luna is a signpost for coming ever closer to Home.
At first sight she is cradling the Blackness in her White Crescent,
holding it like a filled bowl.
As I propel forward, Northward, so quickly through the air, her relative position shifts
to Waxing and Waning on a horizontal landscape, the Crescent Moon I know from childhood.
As the plane prepares to land in the State of my Birth, just short of 25 years since I emerged from the womb into this humid environment,
I feel grateful to have watched her Rise on this Flight
First from above
And then from below
As she Rose while I Descended
Rebirthing, exactly 9 months since departing under Her Fullness in December,
Now knowing what it is to be Eye to Eye with Mother Moon
To have been between her and her reflection on the Sea, her Watery Mirror,
Her Sister of the Water Element
I have known you, Luna, my whole life, as this shape in the sky
But I truly met you in Peru, in the Southern Hemisphere where you taught me
How to receive; to fill the vessel
And to Hold its Contents and Illuminate them
Fully, Brightly, Luna Azul
And in the darkness, your daughters of Venus sing before you rise and after you set,
Sounding your Song
I was afraid of leaving the land of the Grandmother Vine, but now I see, I feel, even in the midst of this pressurized cabin,
how Her Greatness greets us in the Wind, in the Turbulence
Held in the steadiness of the Deep Dark Mystery


Woman of the Wood

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Freia Titland   Instagram: @freiatitland


In the Morning

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Marie White

I open my eyes with tenderness,
greeted by the light of day.
The air in the bedroom is ice cold from the night,
as I wake I notice this, a sharp contrast with the warmth radiating from my belly,
my sleepy body curled up under the heavy down duvet.
I push the blankets aside and the bottom of my bare feet touch the wooden floor,
for the first time today. I rise and open the window curtains; the sky is gray,
the air is misty.
I walk to the french doors and
open the long heavy curtains, smiling as the view reveals itself to me.
Do I really live here? I ask,
witnessing the color of the ocean, the dense fog over the mountains.
Across the Bay, a discreet trail of white smoke
drifts above the trees.

I dress in comfortable cotton and woolens,
walk across the living room and open the door
to the covered porch overlooking the water. I step outside, barefooted,
gather firewood stacked along the brick wall,
and quickly get back inside, arms full.
The stone hearth is still warm from last night's fire.
I kneel with offerings of kindling and crumbled paper, light a match and,
sitting still, watch as the flames grow and spread,
noticing the glow on my skin, the tender heat.
The first fire of the day is a winter morning ritual,
a blessed seasonal reminder.
I head to the kitchen and proceed to empty
the small bialetti coffee maker from yesterday's grinds,
scraping them with my fingers into the compost bucket.
I reach for the glass jar in the pantry
and as I open the lid, the rich, earthy aroma of the freshly ground beans
envelops me.

Oh how I cherish the daily rituals,
the holy ceremonies we hold throughout our days,
bearing no witness, the prayers we recite without notice.
Our daily rituals become ingrained in us through years of repetition
not seen, not captured in any way
other than through
our dedicated presence.

What will be the essence of your practice?
What will you day hold – What vessel will you be?
Today intentions will be brought into being,
the soulful embodiment of your truths.
Allow yourself the cleansing of a restful sleep,
the celebration of a new day,
the conscious creation of a living, moving altar;
finding solace in the ordinary, sacred rituals of your days.


The Priestess

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Mara Fae Penfil Web: www.femaleandfungi.com


Mother Earth is Watching Me

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Chris Paradox  Instagram: @chris_paradox

Feeling like water, surrendered
Swimming like layers of ribbons
In my movement of freedom
Falling like rain
Enter in me
The emotions of expression
This is my medicine
As we live in one universe
We are one in breathing
Connecting to the cosmos
As our thoughts and prayers reflect
On our living community
The flying butterfly
Transforms the next process
The mystery
Inner healing pushes thru
This is our medicine
Earth is my tapestry
As I seek the stories that have existed in our
Natural world
I respect human life
This is my heaven
My inner self as a goddess
Living, loving, connecting, in beauty
This is our medicine
Fire, fire, fire
Soulful journey emerges
The many actions
The electricity is my reservation
Burn burn burn
The shedding skin
The re-birth of mother earth
my experience
Moving in our environment
This is our medicine



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Anna Lindberg  Instagram: @anna.lindberg.art


The World Needs Healing

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Justina Carubia  Instagram: @justinasworldofficial

This poem was inspired by all of the unfortunate and hurtful things going on in the world right now. In response to many of these tragedies, instead of focusing on the destruction, I decided to reshift my focus on creating positive change and adding more love and light to the world we are living in. It is through HEALING that we can really become reborn and see the world through brand new eyes...

The World Needs Healing
Have you heard?
The World Needs Healing
Not Just With Words
In this Place
To save us from
Falling from Grace
The world needs LOVE
The world needs LIGHT
The world needs us
To make things right
We need to INSPIRE
In aims to make
This place be great…
For our youth and children too
The ones who will look up to you
We set examples day to day
Don’t be the one to walk away
Don’t turn your back
On your mankind
Do not ignore
And don’t be blind
Choose words wisely
Time, don’t waste
On things promoting cruelty and hate
Strength in numbers
Is how it goes
To manifest our goals and grow
Let’s help each other one by one
Assuring that we’ll get things done
So we can revel in the change
That once had seemed so far away
The World Needs Healing
Have You Heard?
Let’s start today
Let’s get to work….


Finding Love for My Body

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Andrea LewisWeb: www.andreamlewis.com

For most of my life when I would look in the mirror I would criticize and judge my body for absolutely no reason!

What did my body do to me?

Yet I hated it, actually loathed my body.

I treated it with starvation, binging on “junk” foods, overindulging in toxic substances and putting myself in unsafe environments.

I also covered up my body with dark and oversized clothing to not draw attention to my petite and girlish figure. 

Who was I was hiding from and why didn’t I want to be seen?

I was unable to embrace my feminine power because I feared my own sexuality and sensuality.

My relationships expertly mirrored back this fear and I had countless lessons in learning how to reconnect to my feminine power.

When I discovered that I carried a buried secret—the root cause of my distorted body image and the reason I was punishing my body, I was ready to heal.

As I shed the shame of what happened to me when I was 6 years old, my half brother molesting me and my mother doing nothing to protect me though she caught him in my bed one night.

I began to slowly love my body and own my story of what I wished could have been and should have been. It’s taken me 5 years to see that I was replaying my childhood trauma in my relationships and that long after the abuse I was abusing and punishing myself. 

All the rage and the pain I felt had me suffering with physical symptoms of anxiety, bipolar depression, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and fibromyalgia.

To heal you must feel

I wrote a letter to my half brother and mother releasing all of my pain and then forgiving them.

I also wrote a letter to my body listing the reasons I loathed it. Then I wrote another letter to my body apologizing for abusing it.

When I was ready I went to a secluded wooded area to burn the letters. Before setting them up in flames I would affirm aloud: “I release this, I am no longer angry, love will heal this.” As I burned the letters one by one the toxic energy lost power.

Forgiveness sets you free

I did a visualization with my half brother, using the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer Ho'oponopono. Once my half brother accepted my apology, he then apologized to me and after I accepted his apology I hugged him. 

I then placed one hand over my heart centre and another hand on my solar plexus and invited Archangel Michael (the angel of protection) to cut the cords between my half brother and I. He then waved at me and left.

I also repeated the same visualization with my mother. Then I visualized myself at 6 years old and repeated the same visualization. 

After she waved at me I placed my hand over my heart centre and invited Archangel Raphael (the angel of healing) to integrate my Wounded self. As I opened my eyes I experienced an inner peace.

Honor Your Holy Temple Ritual

I lit candles all over my bedroom, lay a towel on my bed and said a prayer, “Dear God, please forgive me for abusing my body. Miraculously heal me. Amen.”

Then I proceeded to take my clothing off, lay on my bed in my nakedness to anoint my body with sensual massage oil—a sacred act that Mary Magdalene did for Jesus. 

I began at the tips of my toes rubbing oil and affirming, “I love my toes.” Then I rubbed my feet, my ankles etc., all the way to the top of my head and affirmed my love for each body part I anointed with oil.

As I took my time giving love, acceptance and forgiveness to every inch of my body I felt like a Goddess who knows her worth, power, sensuality, grace and beauty.

After performing the ritual I wrapped myself in a towel and when the oil was dry I put on a robe. Then I sat quietly and allowed myself to integrate the experience of reconnecting with my body. 

In my meditative state I received the insight, if I want my lover to love, accept and respect me, I need to love, accept and respect ALL of me without conditions.

Healing is not an overnight process

Whenever the pain rises to the surface I write another letter and visualize the person(s) including my Wounded self in the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer Ho'oponopono. I also anoint my body in my moon rituals.  

Like a rose I’m patiently unfolding petal by petal to reveal the light within me. I stopped abusing my body. I am healthy and whole.

With self-love and self-compassion I know my body is sacred and treat my body by nourishing it with healthy foods, eating regularly and exercising by practicing yoga a few times a week and taking daily walks in nature.

I am remembering who I am—a Goddess who knows her worth, power, sensuality, grace and beauty.


Mother Dragon on the Fire of Birth

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Margaret Madrone  Instagram: @margaret_lathan_madrone

You can’t walk yourself into the fire.

You have to wait to be called, and when you are called you won’t want to go, even if it’s the most fervent prayer you’ve ever uttered that one day you could be free... when the moment comes and it is your time, you will resist.

You think the fire will destroy you, will break you, will tear your body apart, that’s the reason we resist. But what I learned that Wednesday afternoon is that the fire set me free.

It opened me. NOW I was ready to be a mother.

To be Lathan’s mother. The fire of such extreme limits was to show me that despite all I have endured I have never even come close to my limits. I have more.


I Am

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Karla Hampton  Instagram: @SensualBodyWisdom

                                                                                               Photo Credit: Stacey Meanwell

                                                                                              Photo Credit: Stacey Meanwell

I AM here to . . . 

Be a powerful Creatrix, 

Compassionate teacher and 

Curious student of Life

Connect with the cycles of Gaia and 

Rhythms of La Luna

Embody Sacred Sensuality 

– Pleasure, Beauty, Intuition, Compassion – 

So that I can reclaim my Feminine legacy

Heal my bloodline  

Release shame, guilt and fear 

Embrace courage, truth and love



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Linzy Arnott Huggon  Web: www.goddesswithinus.etsy.com


Coming Full Circle

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Vanessa Ly  Instagram: @Vanessaly78

Tonight I light a candle in honor of my guides and goddess that have lit my path this year. Through the darkest of times they showed me the path to happiness. They helped me get rid of what no longer served me and who no longer served me. As I mourned through the pain and heartbreak, I somehow found peace.

Once the clearing and cleansing was done, love returned. Not in the manner of a significant other as you may think. Love came in the form of sisterhood and self love. So many amazing women entered my life. One right after the other. Different ages and stages in life. I know have my tribe of amazing goddesses in my life. Each showing me the way and loving me as the women I always knew I could be.

As I sit in my cozy apartment awaiting the Winter Solstice to arrive. I feel complete. Alive. Eagerly awaiting and manifesting the next chapter in my life.


Our Collection

Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Jessi Dennis  Instagram: @jesswanderin

this is a mass collection

during a time of vast reflection

settle in to simmer down

bring it in to wring it out

whatever it takes to land you here

spiraling in while tumbling out

this is natural

it takes integration

it takes repetition


this is a collection

built on repetition


it’s a time to dance, to move, to groove

long forgotten from  their system

this is her feminine  rhythm



this is her collection

received clearly from all directions

we’ll raise her voice & honor her choice


this is her  story we’ve been drafting

this is our journey we’ve been crafting


chapter after chapter, endless love and laughter

never claiming easy street or causing harmful heat


this is a collection

built in strong foundation

as we continue  searching

the answers to our yearning

arrive as the lessons we have been learning


a space to celebrate has risen

this time her  story written

an awakening in remembrance

a collective dance in reverence  

to be embodied and embraced

to be revoiced and rejoiced


we will step into circle

we will breathe our revival

we will feel enlivened

we will feel enriched


we will know each other

we will cherish each other


this is my collection

there is no competition -----  living in love  -------  no moment unsung

not anywhere near perfection


not only my collection

embracing resurrection

this is glistening --- a ring --- everlasting dream

as it rises we remember our tries

as each moment unfolds into transformation so bold

able  to empathize with forces beyond our eyes

humbled to be felt and understood

finally accepted

eternally collected


this mesmerizing collection

this stabilizing insurrection

deep into the depths we will find what hides

this simple piece of bliss inside

let her come out and peek about

welcome her in with a sense of reason

she has followed you here

she knows when you go there


greet her warmly

accept her honestly

treat her humbling

bury her safely

the sweet surrender

the honor from under


sometimes the start is where we get stuck

leaving the end to feel like a truck

with preference to neither

with respect to all sides

leave room for air, who gently abides

sometimes we trail off and pray to be found

lovingly for us, we are openly bound

finding  myself getting back on track

rightfully so after much impact


we create

we celebrate

this is the collection

with your participation

we commemorate



Contributed by Goddess Rising Sister: Hayley Foster da Silva  Instagram: @moonlight.phoenix

Breathe in, Breathe out
Goddess in, Goddess out
within and without
round and about
the Goddess breathes as we do
In and out
inside out, upside down
it doesn't matter which way we look
you won't find her presence in a book
she's in you, she's around you
searching your soul
making you whole.

Breathe in, Breathe out
Goddess in, Goddess out
Let's not forget our connection
as we search for the answers
to our soul seeking questions
she is I, and she is you
she is the sky, she is the sea
she is the spirit inside of me

come, won't you see
this mystical union is free
Goddess in, Goddess out,
I have no doubt.


Thank you, Sister for being here and witnessing and being a part of this most special first iteration of the HerStory Rising Sister Journal. If you're interested in contributing your voice, we'd love to hear from you! 

Posted on December 20, 2015 .